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Got Fun?

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I just canít help but notice, some people just don't seem to be having any fun. I mean I know sometimes you gotta be all serious and get down to business but jeez, even that can be fun. And the truth is even in business the more fun you have doing it, the more effective you are at it.

Fun is one of those things thatís totally free, and you really donít even have to work at it to have it. Another really neat thing about it is that itís always right where you are. Wherever you go, fun is right there with you. Maybe not always readily visible but right there just below the surface, there it is. Sometimes you just have to adjust your view a little to see it.

I guess the thing that makes it seem so illusive to some is the fact that you do have to choose it. Fun only pokes itís head above the surface when actively called upon to do so. Itís a state of mind. One of those things that can be either induced or suppressed at will.

Iím reminded of a story here:

Two brothers went to ride ponies on their uncleís ranch, but first the uncle insisted that they shovel a large pile of manure out of a stall. One brother hated the project, and grumbled his way through a few halfhearted scoops. The other brother was laughing and singing and shoveling with abandon. "What are you so happy about?" the first brother asked. "Well," the second brother replied, "with all this manure, there must be a pony in here someplace!"

The second brother gets it. Lifeís the same way. Even while shoveling the manure that comes along with living a full life, get yourself to focus on what lies on the other side of the pile youíre dealing with and you clear the way to have fun while getting to it.

This week, just like last week and the days and weeks that will follow, you will be in situations where youíll have to make a choice. Do this thing and be miserable the whole time Iím doing it, or get focused on the pony ride on the other side of the task at hand and really have some fun with it.

I invite you to join the ranks of those of us who take our parties with us wherever we go. That way wherever you are thereís a party going on. Another side benefit to having fun is that itís contagious. The more fun you have, the more fun everybody around you has. How many people do you know who have more fun in their lives than they can stand. They have so much fun that theyíre standing in line trying to return some. Iíll venture a guess and say not many. I donít even have that much fun! (I'm working on it though.)

Make it a goal this week to see how much fun you can generate no matter what youíre doing. You'll probably surprise yourself.

Thanks for stopping in.

Live some. Love some. Learn some. Everyday.

C... Clyde Dennis, a.k.a. "Mr. How-To" has been writing and publishing Articles and Newsletters online since 1999. Clyde's company EASYHow-To Publications provides "How-To" information on How-To do, be or have just about anything one can imagine. For more information visit http://www.EASYHow-To.com. Email correspondence for Clyde should be sent to: cdennis at easyhow-to.com


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