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Arizona In All Its Colorful Glory
Arizona is one of the most colorful places to vacation. Between enchanting sunrises and sunsets and the colorful fields, pine forests with the ever-changing climates and moutain ranges that seem to change colors by the minute, it is art for...
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Amazon Lodges

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Amazon Lodges

I had always been told that if you wanted to see wildlife do not go to the Amazon. That the jungle was so dense that you could never see the wildlife and that the wildlife was mostly nocturnal. Well, I recently decided to venture into the Jungle, after a conference in Manaus, and was pleasantly surprised.

I spent 2 days at the Uacari lodge and saw more wildlife than I had ever in my life - Pink dolphins, piranhas, monkeys, huge fish, and vast quantities of birds.

I then ventured over to the Amazonat lodge, which in 2 hours drive from Manaus and had some incredible interpretive tours with a local Indian guide. The guide showed us fluorescent fungus that lit up the jungle at night, the huge Amazon tarantula coming out of its hole in the ground, took us fishing for piranhas and many other large river fish, and even made me a blow gun just like the Indians use.

Definitely worth the trip.

Robert Phillips is Managing Partner for Intelligent Leisure Solutions and www.DiscoverBrazil.com. He has worked for many years developing tourism and entertainment destinations, project, resort, hotels, tours, etc. He currently lives in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.



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