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No More Four Eyes
If you are sick of wearing glasses or fiddling with contacts, you should consider laser eye surgery. Laser surgery to correct your vision is a well tested procedure but is not for everyone so do not enter into it lightly. Done as outpatient...
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Wheelchair Sports

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There are many sports which have recently become adaptable for individuals who are confined to wheelchairs. Individuals who are quadriplegic and paraplegic can continue to participate in sports, win championships and even take home Olympic metals. Wheelchair sports have come a long way, especially in the past few years and almost all sports have become adaptable to wheelchairs. Here explained are some of the most popular wheelchair sports and some not-so-popular (but just as fun) sports which you may not have known about before reading this article.


Basketball, perhaps the most popular wheelchair sport, was the first sport of its kind to be introduced in the 1940s. Wheelchair basketball is a highly developed sport and is practiced both for fun and professionally on elite, competitive levels. There are wheelchair basketball leagues for men, women and children to enjoy.


The most popular form of wheelchair hockey is called sledge hockey. Individuals are placed on a sled with skate blades and use mini sticks as opposed to the larger forms of hockey sticks. Sledge hockey allows disabled individuals to participate in and experience the wonderful game of hockey.


Rugby is one of the more physical, fast-paced wheelchair sports that has the potential to become very intense. The rules differ quite a bit from the actual game of rugby, however the sport has been adapted quite well for disabled individuals.


Wheelchair tennis is also one of the most popular wheelchair sports for disabled individuals to participate in. Wheelchair tennis has the same rules and regulations as normal tennis except that the ball can bounce twice as opposed to just once. This makes it easier to get to the ball. This sport can be adapted to all individuals, regardless of their form of disability.

Other Sports and Activities

There are a number of other sports that are available for individuals with disabilities. Some of the other less-popular (but just as fun) sports and activities include waterskiing, tubing, bowling, billiards and hang gliding. Raquel Simons has done a lot of research on wheelchairs and acts as a freelance writer for http://www.thewheelchairsite.com a site that offers information on wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, wheelchairs for children and more.


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