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Help Your Baby Develop Character
Copyright 2005 Fidel Viana How Can We Help Children Learn about Character? Children learn about strong character when parents and other adults in their daily lives ∑ set a good example through their own behavior and actions, ∑ set and...
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Horse Racing Betting, a Beginners Guide (Part 1)

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So you want to bet on the horses but you havenít got a clue where to start. You look at the form but at this stage the numbers donít mean a thing. Well listen up as what Iím about to tell could result in a few winners today.

First things first, ignore the jockeys silk (There nice colours, So What!) and donít try and pick a cool sounding name.

Right now Iíve got that off my chest let me tell you a few things you need to take into account;

Look at the jockey who is riding the horse and look at the trainer of the horse. There will also be a section that sayís Ďtop jockeysí and Ďtop trainersí. Make sure you pick a good trainer and then second to that a good jockey.

The next factor to take into consideration is those little form numbers at the side of the horses name, what your looking for are 1,2 and 3ís these mean first, second and third in a race and if it has a few on these itís last five races itís in form and should stand a good chance to run well.

So now we should have a horse with a good trainer and a decent jockey that is showing some past form. The selection should have a good run and hopefully with a bit of look it will finish well.

There is plenty more factors to take into account when selecting winning horses and you can use horse racing systems to help you select winners. In part two Iím going to show you a few little letters you should look out for when selecting for horses

Rob is making a living using his horse racing betting system and you can join him going to his site www.racing-systems-uk.com to learn more about horse racing systems


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