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One Conservative's View Of A Maximum Security System

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Adequate scripture supports "Imprisoning" of those choosing to "go around" the laws of mankind (Gen. 40:3; 42:7; Lev. 24:12; Num. 15:34; I Kings 22:27; Judges 16:21- 25; Luke 3:30; Acts 12:4-10). In other words, if one selects to live in a society - then there are rules, regulations, laws, statues, ordinances, mandates, codes, canons, principles, and authority that must be adhered to. Now - anyone who has all of his/her mental faculties normally learns this early in life. However, since each of us has been created with a God-given free will, we can choose if we want to abide by the rules, or go against them.

In athletic contests (baseball, football, basketball, racing, etc.), one must abide by the rules or else they forfeit the contest. In the classroom, if one wills to obtain a "Passing Grade," there is a certain achievement to obtain. In the world of employment, if one does not produce, then another is waiting in line for the opportunity to give the job a try.

Throughout the years "Liberals," such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and others have constantly been brain washing our legislatures into granting more rights for the criminal and less for the victims. This has also been carried into our Penitentiary Systems. Today many of the conservatives across our land are very upset with the way the criminals who have been removed from society have demanded various rights from within the prison walls - and have received such (at tax payers expense). We no longer see "Chain Gangs" along the roads, as they are busy "Recreating" inside the prisons, along with their colored TV's, and air-conditioning.

May we understand that the individual who has committed violent crimes against fellow human beings (murder, kidnapping, rape, child molestation, armed robbery, brutality, . . .) have committed crimes that call for their being removed from society. The Bible teaches that a person who commits a "Capital Crime" (rape, murder, . . .) should be executed quickly (Gen. 9:5,6; Eccl. 8:11). However, due to the Liberals taking over our Judicial System "Capital Punishment" has been shelved. However, in some states - "Capital Punishment" is being restored. Thus, today we find inmates making demands upon prison administrators. They want:

a) Better food
b) Higher pay
c) Lower prices on commissary items
d) Special clothing for their religious ceremonies
e) To fire and hire new wardens
f) More ethnic group guards
g) More recreational facilities
h) Visits from females for sexual pleasure

If I was going to revamp the "Maximum Security System" today, it would probably look like the following:

A. Grounds and Buildings

(1) The land would be in a very remote area, with plenty of acres to grow on and to protect the public. Inmates would arrive blindfolded so they would not even know which way to escape if they did.

(2) The total prison area would have ten-foot high fences which would be high voltage charged. There would be two rows of these fences. It would also have razor sharp wire on top and in between these, to stop an escape if one was able to climb over it.

(3) Under ground beneath the fences would be electronic movement detectors, so if an inmate was seeking to tunnel out an alarm would sound. Also - underneath the fences would be quarter-inch steel with rustproof coating, protruding at least ten feet deep into the earth.

(4) Outside of the fences surrounding the prison would be guards stationed in small bullet-proof watchtowers. They would be equipped with at least two machine guns and several thousand rounds of live ammunition. The guards would have access to radio communications to other prison personnel, high powered lights, escape alarms, video monitors, etc.

(5) Housing for the inmates would be: a) built by the inmates out of rough lumber, along with "Privies," since there would not be plumbing; b) a hand-powered water pump would be provided for drawing water with which to cook and bathe (the inmates would do their own cooking and laundry under guard supervision); c) there would be limited lighting, and no receptacles to operate radios, TV's, or any appliances (This is a prison and the inmates are to be punished for committing crimes. They have given up their rights when they broke the laws.); and d) there would not be any air-conditioning, except what breezes are blowing. The heating system would be provided by the inmates, via either burning of coal or wood. If they select to burn down their housing - it will probably take a lengthy period of time to obtain more rough lumber for them to build, and at their expense.

B. General Rules

(1) Absolutely no talking would be permitted unless authorized by prison personnel.

(2) No females would be on the prison staff (anywhere).

(3) No photos of females would be permitted.

(4) Anyone caught engaging in homosexual activity would have surgery performed on them to eliminate future activities. (In fact, if for some strange reason a sexual offender was not executed, he probably would be made a eunuch upon arrival at the prison.)

(5) Mail would be sent & distributed only once a week. (All of it would be censored.)

(6) One five-minute phone call "in" would be permitted per month at requested times, and no phone calls "out" would be permitted. Calls would be monitored and recorded for safety's sake. (Remember this is a prison -rights have been forsaken.)

(7) One visit would be permitted per month. (This would be through glass, no touching, and words spoken would be monitored and recorded. No prison breaks are going to be in the making.)

(8) Inmates would be constantly shifted around from one area to another and if need be, he could be transferred to another Maximum Security Prison. (This would eliminate the formation of "Prison Power Bosses.")

(9) No inmate would be allowed any personal belongings.

(10) Cell searches would be very common and unannounced. (This would disclose any unauthorized smuggled in articles or drugs.)

(11) Rebellious inmates would be subjected to isolated cells with minimal nourishment, until he promised he would stay "in line." If he is in "Solitary Confinement" two times a year, he would be told that his next rebellious act would lead to his execution, and it would be carried out.

(12) Any inmate who insights a riot will be executed.

(13) Sunday would be designated as a day of worship and rest. All religious services would be supervised by the Prison Chaplain.

C. Work

(1) Every inmate would be required to work a minimum of 12 hours a day, (thus no need for "Recreation Periods").

(2) Each inmate would be required everyday to produce a volume of work to pay for his room and board and for at least an hour's pay for a guard at the prison as well as an hour's pay of an "outside" law enforcement officer. Thus, the prisons would cease to cost the tax payer.

(3) Prison clothes would be assigned and each inmate would be responsible for them. If they are abusive to them, then they would go without.

D. Guards

All guards would:

a) undergo strict psychological examination prior to employment and periodically thereafter;

b) have in-depth background checks;

c) be anti-homosexuals;

d) have unannounced drink/drug checks performed on them;

e) understand that if a riot erupts and demands are made by inmates, they would not be met, even if the guards life was threatened;

f) be shifted into different areas of the prison unannounced (This would eliminate guards getting too friendly with inmates.);

g) undercover guards would be "planted" periodically among inmates to eliminate guards providing drugs, etc., to inmates.

h) undergo periodical unannounced searches (This would eliminate the carrying in of unauthorized materials to the inmates.)

i) be assured that undercover government agents would be periodically secretly planted within the inmate population, even without the prison administration's awareness (This would be for the purpose of making certain that all is operating properly.)


I would hope and pray that everyone who reads this article would conclude as I have - "AMERICA NEEDS A RETURNING TO SOME BASICS." It is a miracle to me that we have any law enforcement officers at all. When a person puts his/her life on the line to guard the American citizens and then they have liberal courts to smack the wrist of the criminals for punishment. If an officer shoots and kills a person committing a crime, they are harassed by an investigating board, and made to feel like they have done something wrong in carrying out their responsibility (protecting the citizens from the outlaws). May we be praying for guidance from our Creator as to what steps to take to get America back "In Line."

About the Author

Brother Hoyt W. Allen Jr. is a Restoration author, preacher and director of the KYOWVA Evangelistic Association in Ironton, Ohio. You may visit his website at www.kyowva.com.

Brother Allen's article is courtesy of the The Home Bible Study Institute - www.james1-22.org.

Permission to use is granted if attributed to author, his website and the website of The Home Bible Study Institute.


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