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I Pity Nigeria
Fear grips my heart when I see a crowd of people trekking home from a corner of a street. They are all moving towards my direction. I think they look very much like people migrating into our country. Maybe I should call them refugees. But, were...
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US Marine Kills Unarmed Iraqi

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Recent photos from NBC showed a US Marine shooting and killing an unarmed man in Falluja on November 13th. The US Marine had reported to be shot in the face the night before, but was able to continue fighting until the siege was over.

The action is now under investigation, however fellow marines state they would have done the same under the circumstances.

Q: Does this mean his action was justified?
A: No. Under no circumstance should an unarmed man be killed, even in battle. If he possessed any threat towards the Marine then possible action should have been taken, but since he didnít this is an outrage and the Marine should be dealt a court-martial and sometime in military prison.

Q: Is this how the supposed best military in the world acts towards situations under high stress?
A: As far as we know the US Military has done a good job for the most part, but in situations like Abu Ghurayb and this case should be an indication that something is wrong with the US military system.

Q: Is this a one time only instance or has this sort of thing happened before?
A: Numerous underground news agencies have reported instances where soldiers have shot and killed civilians since the early days of the war. One instance which I remember quite well was a group of soldiers taking two teenage brothers from a home and killing one and drowning the other. Also cases of rape of women have been told as well as murdering males within villages.

Q: What action should the United States take towards Iraq now?
A: The United States should seek immediate help from the United Nations and pull 90% of its troops out of Iraq making way for a broader spectrum of nations helping the cause and putting soldiers under less stress.

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