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If Terri Schiavo, the severely brain-damaged Florida woman, was your child, how easy would it be for you to watch her die from lack of water and food. If she has feelings enough to smile with her mother, then she might also have feelings enough to...
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Time for Reform of Politicians

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END! The JARGON has to stop! Beginning now, Taxpayers must set a TIME LIMIT of
not more than TWELVE (12) MONTHS, on all Politicians and Elected Officials, for the
“words” they have said - “We will do this for you”, “We will give you the White House
Back”, “We will create jobs”, “We will stop Nafta”, “We will bring the jobs back to the
America workers that have been lost in the steel industry, the pharmaceutical companies,
the clothing and textile industry, and now the Furniture industry!” If, within that 12
month period, they do not get their job accomplished or get their results produced, that
would bring our jobs and companies back to America, they no longer have an office, a
salary, Insurance, best of healthcare, doctors and nurses on staff paid for by Taxpayers, let
alone bonuses and retirements. Send them back home on the first bus paid for by them -
not Taxpayers. No more “free airplane” rides. In the real world, if American workers did
not produce on their jobs they’d have no job nor would they get paid - that is, if there were
any jobs left in America! Folks, I don’t know about you, but I have heard these same words
(and this is all it is ‘words’) spoken from the mouths of every Politician & Elected Official
in the past thirty (30) years or so. Yet, nothing has been done nor is being done by any of
them and we, the Taxpayers (at present the ones who are lucky to still have a job), are
doing nothing about it. Once the Politicians get elected they forget about you and me and
what they have said to get them elected in the first place. They now have control of our
money and they all know, in the past, they have gotten by with lying and taking our money.
They have created enormous salaries, bonuses, stock accounts, retirement accounts, and
their Social Security for themselves and, all on Taxpayers monies. The GAC needs to send
Taxpayers a “detailed printout” of every penny that is coming in and being paid out for
Salaries, Bonuses, Insurance, Healthcare, On Staff Doctors & Nurses, Stocks, Retirement
Accounts, Private Cars and Jets, and everything else that they spend Taxpayers monies on!
As for all Taxpayers, we would like to see a detailed P & L and a Balance Sheet.
We, as Taxpayers, should demand, every penny we have invested in this “Social Security”
system, with interest, before it’s too late and before they cut anything else from Folks who
have worked all their lives. As for the “freebies” and “handouts” to people that have never
worked a day in their lives, well Folks this, also, must come to an end! You cannot borrow
from Peter to pay Paul! You cannot squander Taxpayers’ monies. You cannot cut Social
Security, but you can cut Social Programs. It is now time for Time Limit Laws to be put on
the books with 12 month maximum as Politicians and Elected Officials must be held liable
and responsible for what they say and do. After all, Taxpayers are held liable and
responsible for their actions. All Americans should have the same standards. America we
have to stop being so gullible! Think about it!

Shirley deLong (336) 454-5040
Jamestown, NC

About the Author

Shirley deLong, Jamestown, NC Activist & Environmentalist. Author of several articles that have been published. Honorary Chairperson for State of North Carolina nominated by White House.
Owner of deLong & Associates, Olde Jamestowne Art Gallery. See More Bio on


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