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What is a Family?
WHAT IS A FAMILY? BY THERESA CHAZE What is a family? Is it a man, a woman and their children? Or is it something more than just blood ties of the traditional concept? Do adopted children qualify? Do stepparents? The current administration is trying...
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The Dawn On The Nile Valley "Has" Secrets To Tell!

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Amnesty International comments on the proposal that has been laid out by President Obasnjo the Chairman of the African Union in regards to the Sudanese Darfurian issue.

The Nigerian President proposed to have an "African Panel for Criminal Justice and Reconciliation" to deal with the crimes committed by the dictatorial regime in Sudan.

Paying respect to some of the African leaders, I think the proposal will undermine the International Criminal Court and protect the impunity of those responsible of the crimes.

Everyone knows that, there're more than one dictator in the continent right now. Those dictators are ruling their people by iron and fire. It's more worse there than what it had been during the Fascism period in Europe.

Now with this proposed African Panel, the New Fascisti will have a new lease of life! Ah. That's very clear, because they will compete to defend each other. Natural. And this will be a miss.

I am calling since more than three years and even before the Darfurian issue, to submit those dictators to the International Criminal Court.

They have committed a well known political crimes not against the Darfurian and the Southern people only, but against the Northern people as well.

If the memories are too bad to remember, go a head and search for the political crimes committed by the first dictatorial regime in the Sudanese modern history during 1959-1964. Then of those committed during the second dictatorial regime during 1969-1985.

Then come to the worse and worse of those who are ruling now since 1989.

Then you probably will know who makes the devil itself a devil!

If the memories are too weak, the history is not.

The rebels are not innocent too. Just go to the jungle there and investigate; and do more investigation in Eritrea too.

The dawn will come with great stories for the new Sudanese generation to read and take leasons.

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