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Just how democratic is the Middle East getting?
If democracy is any more up for a redefinition anywhere, now would be the time and the Middle East would be the place. Events in Iraq and the elections of the Palestians had a contageous effect in other Middle Eastern countries too. For the first...
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Texas Cheerleaders Beware.

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If House Bill 1476 passes a vote in the Texas Senate, all of Texas will finally be protected from the terror that is the bumping and grinding of young bodies during a sporting event.

Thank you Texas legislature.
I don't know what we would do if you hadn't stepped in and spent hours on the creation and debate of this bill. Parents and school administrators are simply powerless to put an end to the dirty dancing that Texas cheerleading has become.
Another thanks goes out to the sponsor of this brilliant bill Al Edwards, (D) Houston. Representatives like Mr. Edwards are to be heralded as the heros of our great state as he, and others like him, show the rest of the nation why we are the greatest state in the union.

If this bill passes, we Texans should feel so proud.
What an achievement. What a remarkable achievement.

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