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How Bill Cosby Got iy Wrong
Bill Cosby got it wrong. His many speeches regarding the plight of poor blacks in this country and their lack of personal responsibility were not only off the mark, but completely irresponsible. Cosby failed to take into account many mitigating...
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Paradigm Engineering and History

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Those who try to define or somehow limit spirituality end up ignoring its nature and those who accept it blindly assign it virtues beyond its purpose. It is not just religion or metaphysical science which concerns mankind as we try to make sense of our present and future potential to address the ethics and technologies that could allow real growth and movement away from our history of destructive acts that develop warfare rather than our total potential as life on Earth. Here is a case in point dealing with history and the cultural contact that took place in pre-Columbian times with the Americas. It is my response to someone who thinks you can tell a whole new history in a few threads who also has not read many of the excerpts much less any of my books.

‘Science has found Roman and Etruscan settlements in America and many other cultures too. It is reported in the original writings of the first missionaries and it is in modern archaeology. There were Basque speaking communities in Central America found in the last century and Rongorongo of Ilavarta and Easter Island was there too.

No, in fact the problem is rather what Lord Renfrew has said. History has been shown to be a pack of lies. Lord Renfrew, Disney Professor of Archaeology at Cambridge University states:

"Archaeologists all over the world have realized that much of prehistory, as written in the existing textbooks, is inadequate. Some is quite simply wrong. What has come as a considerable shock, a development hardly foreseeable just a few years ago, is that prehistory, as we have learnt it is based upon several assumptions which can no longer be accepted as valid.."

I have both personal expertise and actual hands-on experience in Central America as well as the original languages which fieldworkers have found most insightful. My prognostications are always proven correct as new evidence comes forward (Hobbit, Bonobos - being two in the last year which further add to the Portuguese baby that is a crossbreed hominid) and there are examples of this in most sciences.

But what has served the 'social engineers' well is that they can say things like 'What is the peer reviewed opinion'? When there are no funds going to Phoenician Doctoral programs and no integrators of all science through all the world over all of history it is hard to have any peers.

Or they can point to another era and time and say something to bamboozle the student who sees the person speaking knows that era and people very well. But all these people or races and nations are not real history but rather a record of what politics and religion (social engineering) has done to separate people from their 'brothers'.

Thus I have had to have a complete picture or framework going back to the first white people and even how they might have come into being. Some of the pre-white people ideas are very speculative but I think I have done that framework of real history and the elite families who managed it. But no one (or four) books can put the picture together and thus pundits (often paid by 'social engineers') can say he refers to his other books for more on the point and avoids the issue. But I have to target certain issues and not the issue they might raise at that point in that particular book.’

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