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Sudan: Submitting the Criminals to The ICC!
Everybody concerns about justice in the World should be delighted because the call to submit the criminals in Sudan to the International Criminal Court(ICC) became a reality last Thrusday in the UN's corridors! The UN Security Council voted 11-0 to...
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Murder As Government Policy

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Dear Governor Blagojevich,

May we daily increase in wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

I am writing to commend you on the compassion you have shown the children of Illinois and to ask if a former prosecutor could possibly find similar compassion for an equally defenseless prison population.

The abuse and neglect of prisoners beyond public view would seem to be a matter unrelated to political ambitions. This is the case insofar that the public remains ignorant of the crimes committed against prisoners by the State in the name of justice, punishment and public safety.

Because the majority of any state's prisoners release to society in poor physical and mental health, quietly enraged by the mistreatment they have experienced; and because those who have served longer sentences have become socially dysfunctional, they are much more a danger to the public. They will more likely re offend and do so in a violent manner. Prisoner mistreatment is simply bad and costly policy. Many a governor has little idea concerning the extent of this problem.

Illinois prisoner Jimmy Kinslow, B-67033, is an example more likely typical than isolated. He is a very close friend of mine, I have been writing since 1988. I have been witnessing his execution for the past two years. He is being murdered by deliberate medical abuse and neglect. Upon his death, I may press charges of negligent homicide. I will certainly write and publish his story, because I am so certain this crime is widespread throughout America.

In his attempt to get badly needed medical treatment, he has filed suit for judicial remedy. That suit documents the first round of medical abuses. As a punishment for filing this suit, he has been further abused and neglected. He is now filing a second lawsuit in his effort to save his life and is trying to obtain outside assistance.

Under the care of the State of Illinois, his liver has nearly been destroyed by Hepatitis C Virus. His immune system is dysfunctional. His maltreatment has created an intestinal bacterial infection so severe, he has had constant diarrhea since September, 2003. He is dehydrated and starving. Two rounds of treatment with antibiotics failed to help. Food quality and quantity has been reduced as a cost saving measure by the State and he is now vomiting regularly also. He needs a specific medical diet, if he is to have the slightest chance of recovery. Every request for such has been denied.

Prison life creates high levels of stress, both for staff and inmates. Stress is known to reduce immune function. Immune function is further reduced when disease takes hold. Immune systems are conversely strengthened by reduced stress and obtaining super nutrition.

Super nutrition is a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, at least double the protein needed to maintain health in ordinary circumstances, and dietary supplements. Some of the required supplements are sold through prison commissaries. Prisoners usually need outside support to purchase them. Many more useful supplements are only available from outside suppliers and denied prisoners as a matter of security policy, regardless of how desperate the need for them.

For Jimmy and others, Corrections policies are a death sentence. Of course, every prisoner murdered as a matter of policy, opens up a space for someone else. At this point, policy itself is criminal, as is the State. I strongly suggest you compare the health statistics of prison staff and inmates to those of free society.

Imprisonment is a cruel but usual punishment. Because it is usual, it is lawful. Except in cases of murder and kidnapping, it is never ethical or moral. It fits only those two crimes. When people are caged like animals for any and every social transgression, they become animals, unfit to live with others in civil society. Yet the law forces their release and they will prey on society. Many state governments are coming to the realization that one- punishment- fits- all crimes policies are not sustainable. Eventually the economic costs become overwhelming. Social costs are seldom considered at all. They should be.

I need your help in my effort to save Jimmy's life. He could receive a proper diet with little trouble. Give me permission and some way to get dietary supplements to Jimmy from legitimate suppliers. We would greatly appreciate your help and a timely response in this matter. We thank you for your attention and consideration. Let's save some lives and set examples.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Ed Howes

Email: Edhowes @ Hotmail
Tel: 520 896-2651

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