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The Possibilities for Anarchy (I)
When organising a country or a group of people in need of structuring, people tend to automatically sidestep ideologies that do not take authority imposed from above for granted. Anarchists and other proponents of alternative rule almost by...
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Mid-East Oil Reserves and the War on Terror.

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Mid-East Oil Reserves and America's War on Terrorism.

There can be said a number of reasons why we have gone to war in Iraq, but that isn't the purpose of this short essay. The approach to the problem of Iraq and its effects on the American government and its people is much deeper and can be much darker.

Using as an example the American wheat reserves and how unused reserves can control world wheat prices, the same can be said for oil.
With Iraq having the second largest oil reserves in the world, untapped, the economics of the animal show that someday, if not already, Iraq will be a major player in the pricing and distribution of world wide oil.

As the United States developed, over the decades, it's economy grew to where it had a dominate effect on other countries of the world.
This means the language people spoke, the money they used, and the practices they carried were all effected by the world dominating economy --- the American economy.
The value of US backed loans were as solid as any loan could be and many nations wanted to be a part of this U.S. based world economy as it meant wealth and development.
Along with this American economy, that spread around the world, also spread the thoughts that were common with American thinking. Marketing practices, the legal world, industry, and religion.

American religion and values, mostly Christianity based, spread around the world, replacing native religions with the Western World thinking (which had its roots in Europe).
This has gone on for over a hundred and fifty years, and now Christianity is found in every country on this earth.
But, the development and rise of Islam has been occurring in the background as Christianity covered the globe.
The two religions compete against each other for the hearts and minds of followers who will continue and increase the education of their different beliefs.

Reintroducing the Oil under Iraq.
Iraq is an Islamic nation. So is most of the whole Mid-East with one exception, but the point to remember is that in the middle of the Mid-East Islamic world, there are major oil reserve waiting to be tapped and when this happens it will effect the politics and religions of the world due to the economic influence that goes with it.

Probably effects will on European and American politics --- the dominating economies of the world today.
Those effects will be: economics, and religion and its effects on how we live our lives.

If the Islamic world will develop and prosper through the wealth of its oil, its influence will spread throughout the world as American influence spread during its peaks development years.
Slowly, as Mid-East oil gains in power, the spread of the Islamic belief will alter American politics, policy, laws, and morality.
Christian based thoughts, which has been the foundation of American society, since before it was a nation, will shift to Islamic based thoughts as the power of oil takes hold.
Christianity, which is deeply rooted in banking, business, labor, and family will become a dying religion in Europe and America. The foundation begins to crumble.

In a double-think world, could it be the War America has caused in Iraq --- is it a war against terrorism, against the people of Iraq, for control of future oil pricing, or is it a war where two of the most aggressive religions on the face of this earth are going to fight for control of the world?

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SuperSonic Squirrel is the brother of the Editor at miamitopics.com. He is a concerned citizen who wants to share his concerns and issues.


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