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Make Your Vote Count

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Election time in the United States is fast approaching. Choices need to be made and votes cast. In the scheme of things - there are winners and losers.

In the cold, hard factual world, the voters are not always the victors - the candidates are not always the best for the job.

How do voters make a truly educated choice or do most get swayed by "popularity" or what their neighbor of favorite group feel is the best way to go?
By now, there is an influx of information that could leave a paper trail to the distant planets and back - so many words - chosen carefully but not always relaying the truth. So what is a conscientious voter suppose to do when faced with advertisements and commercials aimed at changing your mind if you are not with their program or choice of candidate?
Look at the person - not his/her personal appearance or outward demeanor but the real person. Do they have a record of accomplishing what they set out to do, are their motives directed at improvements for their constituents and not for their own personal profit and are they sincere, trustworthy, and, more importantly, accessible? Do they respond to voters inquiries when camera crews and newspaper reporters are not around, and do they reply or at least acknowledge requests, questions, and concerns, no matter how trivial or inconsequential?

Our government leaders have tight schedules and busy to-do lists - but are their voters' concerns, needs and problems on that list? Do they voice the opinions and concerns of the people or of commitments made to lobbyists whose bankrolls made everyday workers' payrolls look anemic?

This election day read the issues, but study the person, their background, and their past records. A leopard could possibly be able to change their spots quicker than many a professional government official. If there is no solid, constant, and sincere effort to hear you, the voter, then don't take a chance and look at other candidates who might just get the job done right - and isn't that why we choose the candidates we do - so the minimum wage worker has the same voice and deserves the same respect as the mega-corporations and their requirements?

If we call take the time to vote intelligently, from our hearts and our minds, and not what the media tells us to do, wouldn't our family lives and those of the people we love and care about improve?

This election day - choose the man/whoman who has their finger on the pulse of everyone in our great country, and not in funds created to aid those who need it and now those who run it?
Let's entrust our future to the best candidate who will make the best effort to create the very best future for everyone and those yet to come.
Please vote and let's hope and pray our choices are the right ones!
©Arleen M. Kaptur 2002 November

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