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How dogpoo can change the world
Perhaps a silent revolution is taking place, this time more than ever literally on your doorstep. It’s been termed a ‘prank’, it’s been termed ‘borderline legal’, it’s been termed anti social but it simply IS ingenious. What is? Sticking a...
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In 1776 the United States of America was born
Long ago on that bright July fourth morn
The Revolutionary War was being fought
It was freedom and liberty of forefathers sought

Many lives were lost in that great fight
Liberty was won and America became a light
That drew others to freedom on her shore
They came from England, Ireland, France and more

The civil war tore asunder our bountiful land
Brother fought brother, often hand to hand
Finally this war ended and our nation began to heal
The rifles, cannon and artillery were quiet and still

In The Indian wars and the Spanish-American conflict
Many were killed some by a gun some by a stick
World War I and World War II came to pass
Millions were killed, some in mass

Korea and Vietnam saw our nation at war again
When will all the conflicts and wars end
Desert Storm put our troops to the test
Victory was won and proved our troops were the best

Today the War on Terror is still going strong
Please pray for our troops all the day long
Many of our troops lie silent in the grave
They gave all for America, the home of the brave

I would like to thank the many women and men
Who gave their lives for our freedom, can I get an amen
We can worship the Lord in the good old US of A
I salute all our fallen heroes on this Memorial day

Copyright 2005 Irvin L. Rozier

About the Author

Author of My Walk with the Lord, www.selahbooks.com, preacher, retired military


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