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Highest Law an Introduction
Faith Fellowship Church…PO Box 1586…Broken Arrow, OK 74013…918-451-0270…Pastor Terry Dashner………… Introduction to a new series… Today I begin a series on supreme law. The debate today among those who determine the constitutionality of our laws is...
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London School of Economics

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George Bernard Shaw and his mistress Florence Farr of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (the more ‘charmed’ circle) are of paramount interest to my research. When I see Shaw being supportive of the communist effort and yet perhaps not fully aware of the corporate nature of Bolshevism - I wonder. Especially so - when I see him operating with the Merovingian Bertrand Russell and being a founder of the London School of Economics. But the reader might have to read my books on the Physiocrats and the Hegelian Dialectic to get a fuller picture of these issues.

“LSE has a glorious history. Our founders Beatrice and Sidney Webb, George Bernard Shaw, and Graham Wallas worked with thinkers like Bertrand Russell to create an institution which could study human society, seek to understand and then improve it. Many social science subjects originated at LSE or were developed here. We can look at our past and see men and women who engaged with society and left a lasting contribution to the world we live in.” (1)

There is no area of culture or media that is not used by social engineers and sophisticated manipulators. This is totally OK as far as I am concerned. I have no difficulty with the homogenization of culture as long as appreciation for ethnic art is maintained and it seems this can happen alongside that homogenization. But there is a larger ethical component to these efforts which are not exposed. The Black Ops programs that utilize all culture or fund the prevailing paradigm are serious matters of concern for me. But hey, what the heck – I am just a paranoid nutcase eh? If one looks deep into the history of the Saxons they will find this is a decidedly not ‘new’ World Order. Here is someone beating a Francophone tune that has to do with the google-izing force of Americanization or the New World Order proclaimed on the US dollar bill. “Jeanneney voiced his fear of what that meant for the representation of France and Europe. Here are some excerpts from the letter published in Le Monde:

‘The real issue is elsewhere. And it is immense. It is confirmation of the risk of a crushing American domination in the definition of how future generations conceive the world.’

‘[T]heir criteria for selection will be profoundly marked by the Anglo-Saxon outlook.’”

Thomas Carlyle understood the need for a paternalistic benefactor or hero and he also knew there were few ethical people who rose to such heights. His protégé John Ruskin has influenced the world in many ways I think Carlyle and his Hibernian influenced Illuminati (study Goethe and William of Hesse please) might not have agreed with. However, I am more than a little aware of the Hegelian Dialectic or ‘play both ends against the middle’ program. You might wonder if this all makes any sense at all. It really does not. You might think I am the one who makes no sense. I assure you I know what I am talking about but it cannot be conveyed in one book or even two. Here is some more to chew on. It includes the Rothschild backed Cecil Rhodes and leads to many modern Rhodes or Bilderberg ‘front’ men like Bill Clinton and his CIA Director Woolsey who properly says the War on Terror is WWIV. All these wars were planned by the likes of Rothschild and Albert Pike as the 19th Century came to a close. “That "simple desire" had been firmly implanted in Rhodes' bosom at Oxford by John Ruskin. Ensconced as the first Slade Professor of Fine Arts at Oxford in 1870, Ruskin's influence reached to all corners of the earth and is still widely felt, though seldom recognized, today. ‘He hit Oxford like an earthquake,’ wrote historian Carroll Quigley, ‘not so much because he talked about fine arts, but because he talked also about the empire and England's downtrodden masses, and above all because he talked about all three of these things as moral issues.’ Tolstoy regarded him as one of the greatest minds of any time or nation. Gandhi carried his message to India. G.B. Shaw and his Fabian Socialist confreres popularized Ruskin's thought worldwide.” (2)

I greatly admire Annie Besant too. She started India as much as Gandhi did. She was one of the very few women to be a Mason and her Fabian influences are many.

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