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Eliminate Property Taxes & Public Schools
February 11, 2005 “AMERICA - WE HAVE A PROBLEM!” It’s time to eliminate public schools as they are ‘nothing’ but endless money pits! Therefore, it’s time to eliminate property taxes! What’s wrong with the “old-fashioned” school ways when...
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If Terri Schiavo, the severely brain-damaged Florida woman, was your child, how easy would it be for you to watch her die from lack of water and food. If she has feelings enough to smile with her mother, then she might also have feelings enough to feel the pain of dying in this manner. Even our worst criminal offenders are fed and given water until they die. Does a harmless, helpless person deserve any less? If our Government can afford to spend millions of taxpayers' dollars feeding immigrants who have done nothing to earn it, they sure as hell can afford to care for one sick person who can't care for herself. Maybe it's God's wish that she continues to live. If she dies now, part of her mother will die with her. She deserves to have her daughter for as long as God allows her to live. Let them enjoy what time they have together. They need your help ... so let's help them both by writing to your state senators and congressmen, asking that they keep her alive!

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