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London School of Economics
George Bernard Shaw and his mistress Florence Farr of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (the more ‘charmed’ circle) are of paramount interest to my research. When I see Shaw being supportive of the communist effort and yet perhaps not fully...
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Keeping Below the Radar

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Keeping Below the Radar
William Cate

"Once we begin using material products to define ourselves,
we are doomed to be on an endless treadmill of dissatisfaction."
Erich Fromm - in his book "To Have or To Be", 1979.

Western Civilization is based upon materialism. It's not so important to be wealthy as it is to show everyone that you are rich. Living beyond your income ensures your eventual bankruptcy. It will happen at the smallest of reversal of your fortunes. More importantly, history teaches us that the wealthy in every society are usually the first ones sacrificed when economic and social upheavals become forces for major political change. The European and Asian social dictum to live modestly were abandoned in the 20th Century. The next political upheaval will sweep away everyone who forgot the lessons learned by their ancestors.

Amassing wealth shouldn't be your goal in life. Prestige is overrated. Those who envy you will eventually want to destroy you. Money gives you relative freedom and security. To keep your relative freedom and security, you must avoid conscription, confrontation, confiscation, imprisonment or execution by your own or any other government. Criminals are far more likely to steal from the people who show their wealth than those who live modestly. And those who demonstrate their wealth are never certain they have any friends. The people they like may be attracted only to their money and not their personality.

Living modestly and telling everyone that you are rich defeats your goal of blending into your Society. Keep your financial affairs private. Encourage your family to follow your example.

Avoid personal debt. Sadly, you'll need a couple of credit cards to blend into Society. However, there is no justification for not paying your charges as they come due. In many countries, it's wise to have a mortgage on your house, but try to ensure that the interest rate is below your national inflation rate.

Have more than one passport. Ensure that your immediate family members are included as citizens of your adopted country. It is relatively easy to get a passport, by investment, ancestry or marriage in several countries of the European Union. The same is true of Canada, Singapore, Australia or New Zealand. You can get a second passport from assorted tropical paradises. You'll never know when that second passport may be the difference between life and death.

Pay your taxes on your local income. It avoids confrontation with your government. Keep at least twenty percent of your net assets beyond the reach of your local government. To ensure that your local government is unaware of your policy, hold those assets in the name of a tax haven corporation. Learn a portable skill that allows you to earn money, without licenses, permits or a permanent place of business. Encourage your family members to do it. A common portable skill for people from English speaking countries is teaching English. However, computer skills, medical skills, musical or art talent and loads of other crafts and trades can serve you well. Signup for an evening class at your local Junior College. Having a skill that is in demand beyond your borders ensures that you can make money anywhere in the world.

The only certainty is change. Always have a plan that will allow you to move your assets to another country. Read the national news and watch your government's policies. There are always signs of pending political change. At the first indication that your government is moving toward war, revolution or other acts that are unhealthy for everyone, start the process of moving your wealth offshore. If you need help with your move, there are always honest offshore services that will assist you in your effort to survive. Develop a relationship with one of these services now.

Avoid stupidity. Investigate your offshore options before you act. Read and listen to advice. Avoid major legal and accounting firms or at least their offices in your country. Seek more than just the tools that will allow you to spread your wealth and reduce your risks. Develop relationships with firms that can help you use those tools and will teach you how to use them.

Your survival and that of your family lies in asking yourself the right questions now. The way forward is in taking control of your future. If you seriously question my advice, take your next vacation to a refugee camp. The residents are those good middle class people who feared the uncertainty of change and unknowingly accepted the certainty of misery.

About the Author: William Cate has offered the Globalize to Survive Workshop for over a decade to middle-class investors in many countries. He's the Executive Director of the Global Village Investment Club [http://home.earthlink.net/~beowulfinvestments/globalvillageinvestmentclubwelcome/]. Since 1982, he's been the Managing Director of Beowulf Investments [http://home.earthlink.net/~beowulfinvestments/]

About the Author

He has been the Managing Director of Beowulf Investments [http://home.earthlink.net/~beowulfinvestments/] since 1981 and is the Executive Director of the Global Village Investment Club [http://home.earthlink.net/~beowulfinvestments/globalvillageinvestmentclubwelcome/]


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