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Keeping Below the Radar
Keeping Below the Radar William Cate [http://home.earthlink.net/~beowulfinvestments/] [http://home.earthlink.net/~beowulfinvestments/globalvillageinvestmentclubwelcome/] "Once we begin using material products to define ourselves, we are doomed to...
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It's Time for Government Reform

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March 11, 2005

It’s time for Government reform on local, state and federal levels! The country is bankrupt! America doesn’t have any money. 6/2004
Federal Website, I quote "National Debt was $7,217,027,211,368.81. A working persons'
share was $24,583.01. My guess it's probably one-hundred times this amount. Local and
State taxes not included.
Time to cut salaries on local, state, and federal level, by at least one (1) month. Cut huge
salaries, bonuses, cut out many positions, stop hiring, cut freebies, and company cars and
SUV’s. Taxpayers need to make sure Managers, Supervisors, and Workers work the 40 to 50
hours for which they were hired. You’d think, with salaries and freebies from $5,000.00 to
$20,000.00 monthly, we could at least depend on these people. WRONG! They can’t be
trusted! Taxpayers' suspicions have been confirmed! It takes less than an hour a day to do
the actual jobs. Hiring outside consulting & lobbying firms, paying them thousands of
Taxpayers’ monies, to do what you ‘so-called’ managers, supervisors, and workers, were
hired to do in the first place makes me know there’s a problem with your arithmetic! With
loss of jobs, plant closings, wages, insurance, etc. being cut, we feel all government and
elected people should be getting less in their paychecks, also. It's time to eliminate all
Property Taxes. It’s obvious you people cannot handle the jobs we entrusted you with. As
for the money going into pockets of “Pet Projects”, this must be stopped! Look at Project
Homestead, the apartments managed by a commissioner, and many more like that all in just Guilford County, NC - think about the rest of the world!
While I am on a roll, do elected people, politicians, city, county and state employees pay
their ‘fair’ share of taxes?
It’s time for all Watchdog groups to start checking on all the people who are spending
Taxpayers’ monies!
Shirley deLong
Jamestown, NC

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Artist, Activist, and Environmentalist. Several articles published.


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