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Thirty-Thousand On A Toilet Seat?
When I first heard the news that the Bush administration was going to be closing military bases I was initially gleeful. The prospects of disillusioned Republicans danced in my head. I imagined all the thousands of service men and woman who bought...
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How dogpoo can change the world

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Perhaps a silent revolution is taking place, this time more than ever literally on your doorstep.

It’s been termed a ‘prank’, it’s been termed ‘borderline legal’, it’s been termed anti social but it simply IS ingenious.
What is? Sticking a miniature US flag into piles of dog poo in public parks.

The trend’s origins are German. Two years of persistent campaigning in Bayreuth Park are driving the police up the wall
especially since the offense has been repeated over 2,000 times. The flag prickers started their evildoing as a protest against
the war in Iraq and the campaign is still going on now. Nobody knows whether the originators are still involved or whether it
has simply caught on. Which makes German police a bit nervous.
They wonder what the motivation is at this moment in time.

But hey, perhaps dog poo creates a dynamic of its own when used as flag poles. We think that it is slightly unnerving though
that this takes place in Germany, a country that is least likely to naturally take a good joke. That is perhaps why the trend has
blown over to safer territory; the US and Canada. The genetic modifications that took place in the process have improved the

It has been fine tuned it to its new surroundings impressively; Safeguarding the fools thare afraid they might be breaking the
law, people wishing to participate can find out how to do so entirely risk free by following the instructions "Make your own
Bush-Poo flag" on pooprotest.com.

Of course putting a face to the faeces takes all the fun out of the exercise. Yet the trend is far from over and who knows perhaps soon lawmakers will be concerning themselves with matters that are irritating beyond themselves!

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