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Highest Law an Introduction

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Introduction to a new series…
Today I begin a series on supreme law. The debate today among those who determine the constitutionality of our laws is this: Is the Constitution of the United States the highest law in the land or is God’s law supreme. If God’s law is Sovereign over the entire universe, then abortion is wrong because it terminates life that only God can give or take away. If God’s law is above all creation, then neither men nor governments may deny another man his “inalienable” rights to live with freedom and liberty. If God’s law is Chief, then no one may deny anyone the right to praise, honor, and worship God. We are commanded by scripture (it isn’t optional) to “declare the glory” of our God.

On the other hand, if the U.S. Constitution is the highest law, then government—executive, legislative, or judicial—may deny or redefine life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as they please. If the people of America decide to redefine life, they may do so by vote. If the Supreme Court of the United States rules that prayer in schools or the Ten Commandments is to be banned from all government facilities, then so be it. If the U. S. Constitution is above God’s law, then voting Americans may rule for or nullify God’s law, with impunity.

You may be like me and see the difficulty of choosing man’s law above God’s law. You may read this and disagree with me. That’s your right to do so. But who gives you and me the right to disagree? Is it the state or God? I want to ask you something. Which was first: law or man? You may be thinking what a silly question that is. You answer that man was first and then came law to govern man and protect him in his home and community. The question is answered, you may think.

I demur. I think that law was fist, and then came man. Why do I say this? I say this because I believe that God is the first cause in the universe (philosophical concept—will explain it another day). He was in the beginning before man was. God was the Law unto Himself. By His Law He has the right to exist because He is the self-existing one. Nothing, no power, no authority in the entire universe can deny Him this. He has the right to speak because He spoke the universe into existence (that includes creating man). He has the right to create life because He made man from the “dust of the earth”; God “breathed into man’s nostrils and man became” an animated being. God created man in His image; therefore, man is given God rights. God’s Law is innate and universal. Man is endowed by His Creator to live, to speak, to create, and no man may take that right away.

This should be an interesting study, controversial nonetheless. Even if you follow this series and disagree, don’t delete it in disgust. Write your rebuttal and I will forward it for everyone to read. One reason I write is to test my own views. Just because I am Christian doesn’t mean I have to remain ignorant regarding conundrums of life. Wouldn’t you agree? It is at this time that I would ordinarily present my outline for the series; however, I’m not sure where this study will start or where it will end. I do promise to give you something that will be worth your reading time. Once again, thank you for the positive words that you have sent me regarding the daily devotional materials. I bless you in Jesus’ name. I pray that it is well with you all the days of your life. Please remember to pray for one another. Keep the faith. Jesus is our soon coming King!

Pastor T.

Series’ Title: “Higher Law”

Purpose of study: To present, through study and writing, the philosophy of Divine Law as the highest law in the universe.

Format: Electronic mail daily, Monday through Friday to interested readers.

Writer’s position: God’s Law is above man’s laws. Man will one day answer to God’s Law either willingly or eternally condemned. There is no third position either God is God and man is subject to Him in eternity, or man is his own god currently and may live in defiance to God (free moral agent) until the final judgment at Christ’s return.

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