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Spies inside Religions
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Downing In The Mainstream

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Look, I know the world is better off without Saddam Hussein in power and frankly I'm tired of hearing that as an excuse to allow our President to lie to us. The Downing Memo (READ IT HERE), the authenticity of which hasn't been disputed by the British government, details the minutes of a very high level governmental meeting in which the British were certain that the Bush administration was setting up the intelligence to make a case for war in Iraq and come hell or high water they were assured that we were going to war.

I just want to get a couple of things straight about what went on before the start of the war. First of all, nutcases like myself from all around this nation and the world were screaming that Iraq did not possess WMD. We repeatedly asked the question of how a country with such debilitating sanctions imposed against it by the world community to the point of causing death to untold numbers of people could create sophisticated weapons programs. We asked why the inspectors on the ground were continually unable to find any shred of evidence pointing to Iraq building up its weapons programs. We asked why Hans Blix was so adamant about the non-existence of WMD in Iraq and why George Bush was so impatient with the inspections that were successfully proceeding. We asked how a country that we walked all over in 1991, who wasn't a threat to us when it was at full strength could ever be a threat to us after the sanctions. We questioned the reasoning behind attacking a country that had absolutely no connection to 9/11 or American directed terrorism.

So please don't tell me that it is with hindsight that I am now aware of these things. I said it then, I say it now and I said it all along. We all said it. Me and billions of my closest friends.

I say this not to rehash the past but to point out that we cannot move forward until we address these major issues. The world won't let us, karma won't let us and the insurgents certainly won't let us.

Let's face the facts.

There has been something that I've wanted to get off my chest for quite some time. I AM NOT TRYING TO SELL YOU ANYTHING. I don't want your vote, I'm not peddling a product or service and frankly I don't even care if you like me. So why don't you believe me? I'm really not a kook. I do my homework. Maybe I have facts wrong at times but I ask you who's more likely to lie to you, The Indy Voice or a career politician? What would I have to gain by lying to you? What would a politician have to gain?

The fact is that I was right then and I'm right now. Trust me, I don't derive any satisfaction in telling you that this country went to war based upon false pretenses made up by an adminstration who had an ideology to further, campaign contributors to pay back and a divisive reelection to face. War solved all those problems for George W. Bush and it's about damn time this country was patriotic enough to face the truth.

So why is there just only brief mentionings (like this) of the Downing memo in the mainstream media? Why shouldn't everyday citizens of this country be aware of what poli-geeks like myself have been aware of for a month? Why isn't it front page news? Isn't there something wrong with a media that refuses to inform its citizens and a country that acts like it doesn't want to know about evidence that points to their President lying when he took us to war? If the memo's factual incorrect or a forgery shouldn't we at least have that discussion? Shouldn't we at least investigate the possibility?

Why isn't Downing in the mainstream?

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