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Back In Time
Let's go back in time...it's 1967 and the headlines back then read: US Airforce intensifies the bombing of North Vietnam . . . U.S. plans to start missile net... 1967 Pan Am Games... 13 US helicopters are shot down in Vietnam... Writer and...
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Divine Right of Capital

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We have seen the institutionalized support of Divine Kings in the last two centuries. In far earlier times these Nobles had to answer to the people to a far greater extent. Marjorie Kelly is the author of The Divine Right of Capital and she is on this track or train of thought. Noam Chomsky says global corporatism and the frauds they create or the assassins in government that do their bidding while being given new technologies paid for by taxpayers is the greatest threat to life on earth. This book will endeavour to pin the tail on the real donkey. Don’t be surprised if that ‘ass’ is in the mirror. It takes about eight per cent of the voting stock to control a company and get the bulk of the cash or assets working for you. Why do we allow Enron, Dole and Anaconda to dictate the foreign policy while letting other cronies milk the market for all they can? Most people have not even heard about the Physiocrats who some scholars say was the first economic school.

You will hear more than you want to hear and it might make you feel sicker than watching the news on Faux TV where the owner brazenly admits his employees are not allowed to report anything he doesn’t agree with. That Rupert Murdoch ‘fella’ really deserved the Congressional approval of his special tax status when he moved to the US. I kid you not. I think he did. In a world where the super-rich can locate anywhere they want it only makes sense to bid for them to come to your country and spread some of that cash around wherever you are.

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