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Mexicans: Disease-Ridden or a lot of Hype?
From time to time, I take time away from my book writing duties and my regular column writing to address the concerns and comments from readers. I get it all. I get some thoughtful, linearly constructed arguments and then I get the circularly...
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Discrimination against Voting Taxpayers

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Speaking of Discrimination against the hard-working Taxpayers who tries to cast their vote for the benefit of their future, and their vote gets cancelled by THE FOLLOWING:
People who are allowed to vote that don't work, never worked, or never will work, that lives on Taxpayers' monies, called Welfare and Social Programs. These people have had all the illegitimates that are creating 'TERRORISM IN AMERICA' for everyone.
LAWS MUST BE CHANGED - "IF YOU DON'T WORK, DON'T PAY TAXES, AND LIVE OFF THE TAXPAYERS' MONIES, you should not be able to dictate to Taxpayers who are working their behinds off to support you.
Call you local, state and federal officials and get laws changed.

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