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Is RecoveryPets.Com All That Its Cracked Up To Be?

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Many pet owners will say no to this question, but that is only until their pet is lost, and it is found five miles down the road by a total stranger that has no idea how to contact the pet owner. So the next day on their way to work they decide to take the pet to a shelter that is close to their job, now the pet is up to twenty miles farther away. The same pet owners that said no to the question above, now has a two hundred square mile area to try and locate one lost pet.

The pet owner is now putting up posters of the lost pet in their neighborhood hoping the finder of the lost pet eventually sees the poster. They have posters up, and now they have place an announcement in their community newspaper under “Lost and Found” in a desperate attempt to have their lost pet returned to them. Ask those same pet owners again “Are the services of RecoveryPets.Com all that its cracked up to be?”

Now lets look at a different scenario, the pet is still found by the stranger five miles away but they see the RecoveryPets.Com pet tag. The finder logs on to the Internet and enters the pets’ unique id number into the Found Pet field on the website. The pet owners contact information is instantly displayed with phone numbers and email addresses, and within thirty minutes the pet is reunited with its owner. The underlying problem is that the first scenario happens way more often that the latter, so now these pet owners are saying, “That the services of RecoveryPets.Com are more than they are cracked up to be!”

For more information on the global pet registration services provided by RecoveryPets.Com, visit their website at: http://www.recoverypets.com

About the Author

Thaddeus Collins is the owner of RecoveryPets.Com a company that specializes in the global recovery of lost pets using a unique tracking number that is registered on the companies website, and can be searched if the pet becomes lost. For more information visit http://www.recoverypets.com


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