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Small Business Credit Cards

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So what do you look for when applying for a credit card for your small business? One thing is for sure, wasting money isn’t an option because it can make or break your business. Things to look for are low interest rates and good customer service.

Ask around for companies with good customer friendly service. Some will let you off late payments time after time while others will come down like a ton of bricks. You need them to be flexible as you never know when you may run into problems

Make sure you don’t go with one because of a low introductory offer. You want a long term one as you may not have time every six months to be jumping from one to another. Before signing up for one read the small print, remember it could save your business.

Look out for special bonuses companies offer. Some times companies such as Visa or American Express join with other companies to save you money on anything from shipping or office supplies

Here are two small business credit card options but look around for more and weigh up the benefits for each one

American Express Business Gold Card

• No annual fee for the first year,
• No pre-set spending limit
• Save at known brands, such as Staples, FedEx and Hertz
• When you enroll in the Membership Rewards program, you earn points virtually every time you use your eligible, enrolled Business Card.
• Online Account Management
• Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance

CitiBusiness® Platinum Select® Card

The CitiBusiness® Platinum Select® Card is the card built for small businesses and includes:

• A generous credit line
• Low rate on purchases
• Additional cards for employees
• Free quarterly and annual account summaries
• Free 'Ask the Experts' service
• Free 24/7 Concierge Service

A great place to find out more about credit cards is the internet, One useful site is:
http://www.credit-card-index.com http://www.credit-card-index.com/visa-small-business-credit-card.html

About the Author

Rob Mellor is the webmaster of http://www.credit-card-index.com where you can find other articles and info on credit cards.


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