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What is so remarkable about "Reishi Coffee"? It's number one on the Yahoo search engine, that's what. What is "Reishi"? It's the Japanese word for "ganoderma" and "ganoderma" is the Latin name for the Red Mushroom. Why would anyone want mushrooms in coffee? Doesn't it taste yucky? Like mushrooms?
Nope. This is a delicious coffee. And to find out more about "ganoderma" you can access the information from this site: www.PubMed.com and once there put in the name, "ganoderma". You'll find this will bring up over 200 studies on the Red Mushroom and at least 40,000 pages. Ganoderma is at the heart of Chinese legends telling about a miraculous herb to bring health, longevity, energy, strength and more.
1-888-793-9888 and listen in to recording.
Ask for a catalog & sample at this site: www.coffeeriches.com/?&id=3339
Call Sunnie at 719-574-6121 in Colorado for more information.

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Sunnie Ford has been drinking "Reishi Coffee" since the end of July, 2004 and
recommends this delicious coffee to anyone within earshot...no kidding!!!


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