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How To Make Your Raise Really Pay

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Were you lucky enough to get a pay raise recently? If so, what are you planning to do with it? Here are 4 tips on how to make your raise pay real dividends for you now and into the future:

1) Open a savings account

Baby boomers can probably remember parents or grandparents making regular deposits to a savings account at the local bank. Our current savings rate is a measly 2.5 percent – down significantly from the 7 percent average 30 years ago.

For example: If you saved an $80.00/month raise, at the end of one year you’d have $960.00. It’s not a huge amount for some, but it’s a start. And thanks to the wonders of compound interest you can watch it grow into a nice nest egg over time, especially if you continue to add new raises to your savings.

Savings account interest rates are on the rise. The online bank, ING Direct is currently offering 2.35% APY (annual percentage yield), with no minimum deposit, no fees, and your account is FDIC insured. Visit

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