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Postcards Make It Rain Referrals
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How One Simple Concept Can Increase Your Sales

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We all want to belong. As humans we feel the need to fit in somewhere, anywhere. I call it the "herd mentality"... we tend to follow what everyone else is doing.

Well, Bob and Bill across the street each have satellite dishes... that means I have to get one too.

Everyone is driving around in a SUV... that means I have to drive one too.

Everyone is wearing baggy pants... that means I have to wear them too.

Everyone is carrying around a cell phone... that means I have to carry one around too.

My friends are drinking Smirnoff Ice... that means I have to drink it too.

Can anybody say mooooo?

The herd mentality is an interesting phenomena that YOU as an internet marketer can take advantage of.

You need to convey to your potential customers that everyone else is buying your product and they would be missing out if they didn't do the same.

How you may ask?

Well, one way is by using testimonials on your website. Lots of them! Most people will gladly give you a testimonial. All you have to do is ask.

Testimonials establish trust and credibility too, which by the way, are the two biggest things you need to close out a sale online.

When people see that everyone else is buying the product from you they tend to want to get it for themselves.

Let me share a story with you. A while back I was about to purchase some advertising. I was just about to click the order button and then I stopped myself.

I asked myself why I wanted to make the purchase...

Well, first and foremost was the price. It was a good deal. It piqued my interest but it didn't seal the deal for me.

What did it? It was all of the testimonials I read of satisfied customers. It was the "icing on the cake"... the extra push needed for me to say mooo and to whip out my credit card.

Now, whether you understand my "herd mentality" concept or not... it really doesn't matter, the point I'd like to drive across is this...

Do not underestimate the power of testimonials!

They are one way to increase your sales by just using your existing traffic.

Ask for them! Use them! They work!

Al Martinovic is the publisher of the Millenium Marketers Newsletter where you will find powerful internet marketing concepts, killer strategies, useful tips, no bull business advice.



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