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Cincinnati catfishing Bait
Some of the baits I have used for used for CATFISHing here on the Ohio River are, chicken liver, minnows, shrimp, Spam, French Fries and more. Fresh chicken liver works better than frozen liver that has thawed out. It does get bites...
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golf tips - chipping tips

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chipping tips

Chipping tips are boring to most of us. Instead of learning how to pitch, chip, and putt better, all of us tend to want to blast our driver when we get to the driving range.

If you're really serious about lowering your golf scores, The best and quickest way is the short game. Our little collection of golf chipping tips here will help get you started on the road the mastering the short game.

Chipping tips #1 - Putt!!

Ok....I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's true. When off the green, take your pitching wedge or sand wedge (whichever works best for your short game), and develop a putter's mentality.

You'll want to take your putting stance,grip, and address position. let the club do all the hard work! take into account that your chip will pop up and then roll, and eyeball the estimated distance. It's important when considering chipping tips (or any golf tips for that matter) that you visualize your shot beforehand. Feel a rhythm for where the ball is going. It only takes a second, should be incorporated into your pre-shot routine, and helps immensely!

Special note: if you're a high handicap golfer, I actually strongly recommend that you actually do putt the ball when just off the green. Use the putter as much as possible if you can, because it is generally much easier to control and judge distance. It is also usually easier to recover from a short or long putt than a chip out of control! Rob Moore operates HI-WAYgolf.com , home of golf tips and golf equipment reviews to help Break 100 Now!


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