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Warm Up While Playing The Big Cats at Ocean Ridge

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Drop those snow boots, grab your golf clubs and forget about winter for a while at Ocean Ridge Plantation in Sunset Beach, N.C.

Unlike its northern neighbors, Sunset Beach boasts a mild climate year-round. The warm weather and pristine natural surroundings make Ocean Ridge Plantation the perfect destination for active golfers who donít want to settle for just a few short months of golf at home.

Sunset Beach experienced no serious weather issues this summer and fall, leaving the courses in beautiful condition.

Ideally located between the history of Wilmington and the excitement of Myrtle Beach, Ocean Ridge Plantation boasts one of the most diverse golf experiences on the East Coast with its three ďBig CatĒ courses Ė Lionís Paw, Pantherís Run and Tigerís Eye. A fourth course, Leopardís Chase, is in progress.

Lionís Paw is an open, hilly 18-hole course that treats golfers to spectacular views of a creek valley and wetlands. It has been described as designer Willard C. Byrdís finest work.

Pantherís Run, an 18-hole course carved out of rolling woodlands runs along several untouched natural wildlife habitats, and offers large multiple tee areas, giving golfers of all skill levels a fair shot at making par.

Tigerís Eye, Ocean Ridgeís crown jewel, is a rare treat and one of the most highly praised courses along the East Coast. This upscale, daily-fee 18-hole golf course is distinguished by dramatic 60-foot elevation changes and a stunning combination of natural waste areas, native wild flowers, waterfalls, coquina boulders, and coastal marshland. Tigerís eye is a thinking-personís course, requiring precise shot making and a reliable short game.

Construction on Leopardís Chase, Ocean Ridgeís next Big Cat course, is on schedule with completion slated for 2006. The par-71 course measures more than 7,000 yards and features stunning natural vistas and dramatic elevation changes. Course architect Tim Cate, who also did Tigerís Eye, believes that Leopardís Chase will turn out even better than Tigerís Eye and that golfers will be lining up to sample the next great cat at Ocean Ridge.

And thatís quite a prediction. Tigerís Eye is one of ďAmericaís 100 Greatest Public Courses, 2003-2004,Ē says Golf Digest magazine. North Carolina magazine named it the ďMost Scenic Golf CourseĒ in coastal North Carolina, and the third most scenic course in the entire state.

In Golf Digestís prestigious bi-annual golf ďbibleĒ Tigerís Eye is rated at 4 1/2 stars, which makes it a ďdonít missĒ golf course. In addition, Tigerís Eye ó along with its sister courses Pantherís Run and Lionís Paw ó is on Golf For Women magazineís ďAmericaís ďTop 100 FairwaysĒ list.

Ocean Ridge also boasts high-quality shopping, service and dining. The Ocean Ridge Golf Shoppe was named one of Americaís 100 Best Golf Shops for four consecutive years by Golf Shop Operations Magazine and Tigerís Eye Golf Linksí store has been named to Golf World Businessí prestigious ďAmericaís 100 Best Golf ShopsĒ list.

The two clubhouses that overlook the golf courses offer a variety of dining options.

With the Canadian dollar at a 15-year high, now is the perfect time to visit Sunset Beach, N.C.

So forget the snow and come play in the sun with the Big Cats at Ocean Ridge Plantation in Sunset Beach, N.C.

Allison Woodward

My background includes serving as an editor at Life Insurance Selling magazine in St. Louis, Mo., where I was responsible for writing, editing, selecting editorial material, managing the magazineís Web site, and covering industry events. In addition, I have worked as an editor, reporter, and photographer for several newspapers in the St. Louis metropolitan area.


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