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Scrapbooking with Black & White Photos

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My friend hosted a scrapbooking party a couple years ago
and included me on the invitation list. Never scrapbooked
in my life I couldn't figure out why she invited me.

It turned out to be "perfect timing"... two weeks before
her party, my husband came back from visiting his parents
with a bag full of photos.

My first scrapbooking project began dealing with those old,
but cherished black and white photos.

Fortunately, the photos were in good shape with only a few
faded or discolored from age.

If your photos are showing signs of aging and damage, there
is not much you can do to reverse it. With today's software
packages, you can scan the photo, make corrections and
print it. Adobe software is my personal favorite. Now you
have a duplicate of your photo to use in your scrapbook.

You can also take your photo to a professional restoration
company. Many camera shops offer this service.

Preventing further damage to your photos starts with
selecting the proper paper for mounting and backgrounds

Look for acid free, lignin free paper. Acid and lignin
accelerate photo fading and general deterioration. These
chemicals will gradually yellow and crumble your paper
and photos.

Storage and temperature play an intricate role in photo
preservation. Store your cherished, older photographs in a
dark storage environment like your scrapbook album. Ideally
keep your album stored at 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees
Celsius) or less with a relative humidity of 20-50 percent.

Stacking works great for Tupperware(tm) but not your photos.
Store your prints and albums vertically.

Creative Memories(tm) offers neutral color album pages
which naturally enhances black and white photos. Especially
those with decorative borders.

Take your black and white photos with you when you visit
your local scrapbooking store. You'll find many time period
stickers and colored paper to showcase your photos. Having
your photos with you will make finding what you need

This was my first scrapbook project and I found it
challenging at first. But soon discovered scrapping with
black and white photos provides an advantage over color
photos. You can select any color theme for your pages.

One treatment I used in this scrapbook was to build some of
my color theme around a few of the faded photos. You can
view a sample layout here:

Don't let black and white photos intimidate you...Creating
an album offers a great way to preserve your family
history. Ann Rusnak is the owner of fastscrapbooking.com. She discovered scrapbooking as a great way to relax when taking time off from running her business. For more articles and resources, visit http://www.fastscrapbooking.com


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