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Online Poker Room Raises Stakes By Launching Europe's Most Exclusive Poker Tournament

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All eyes will be on London this July as Europe’s newest and most exclusive poker tournament hits town. A collaboration between Britain’s largest independent bookmaker Victor Chandler, and leading casino operator London Clubs International, The Victor Poker Cup will offer a half million prize pool and a first prize of £250,000.

Taking place between 21-23 July in the historic elegance and luxury of Six Hamilton Place off London’s Park Lane, The Victor Poker Cup will be contested by an eclectic mix of one hundred celebrities, poker professionals, internet qualifiers and high-stakes gamblers. Following three days of competition, one player will walk away with one of the most coveted titles in poker and a cheque for a quarter of a million pounds.

The tournament will be filmed and distributed globally to millions, ensuring that The Victor Poker Cup is one of the most watched poker events in history. The TV production will also debut many new features and innovations to take televised poker to a new level and provide the most engaging and rewarding viewer experience yet.

The Victor Poker Cup will, according to Chairman, Victor Chandler, “be a truly ground-breaking event that will give European poker an event to rank alongside anything seen in the United States.” Mr Chandler goes on to add “We’re proud to be sponsoring a tournament that will become synonymous with the glamour and excitement of high-stakes poker. At every step we’ll be ensuring that The Victor Poker Cup is the Rolls Royce of poker tournaments.”

Costing £5,000 to enter, The Victor Poker Cup is open to anyone. Players can register online at www.victorpokercup.com, directly over the phone on 020 7862 0045 or via email on victorpoker@octagon.com. Alternatively, a range of online qualifying satellites are running at Victor Chandler Poker (www.vcpoker.com) where at least 14 lucky internet players will find themselves with a ticket to the biggest game in town.

Simon Prodger is the Product Marketing Manager of Europe's fastest growing online poker room, Victor Chandler Poker (www.vcpoker.com).



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