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Golf Putting Drill - No Peeping

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In Putting there is definitely always room to improve, so take a look at the drill below and take some time to improve your feel and sense pace on the greens.

The short game is the most important area of your whole round. At least 70% of your shots during a round will be from 100 yards in.

So doesn't it make sense to practise your short game?

You first of all need to start practising your putting, and I have come up with a drill that will help you improve your sense of feel and pace on your putts.

No Peeping

No Peeping is going to focus on helping you to obtain a good feel and to help you develop a smooth putting rhythm. And the way you are going to achieve that is to “CLOSE YOUR EYES”

Yes, that's right, No Peeping!!!.

Now, take four golf balls onto the practise putting green and set them down about twenty feet (6 to 7 Yards) from the hole.

Take your normal putting stance and grip, and now just hit four putts with your eyes open to get a quick idea of the pace to the hole.

Now place the four balls down again and set one up ready to putt.
Keep your eyes open and look at the hole to get an idea of the distance. Take a look at the ball and position your putter behind the ball. Take one more look at the hole with your eyes open and then it’s
time to go.

Close your eyes and, with “No Peeping” make the putting stroke. Because your eyes are closed your stroke will be a lot slower but more crisp through the ball. Do not open your eyes until you hear the ball drop or until you are sure it has stopped.

Look up and see where the ball has gone. Is it short? Is it
long? or is it in the hole.

Now take the result of the first putt and use it to change
the pace and feel of the second putt.

Continue with the same procedure for the third and fourth

The result you should be aiming for here is to get all four balls either in the hole or within at least one foot (tap in distance) from the hole.

Now you must achieve this result of getting all four balls within tap in distance at least three times in a row before you move on toanother area of practice.

I’m sure you’ll be surprised how quickly you can achieve this target, and let me tell you, once you can do this with your eyes shut it becomes a breeze with your eyes open.

This is one exercise that will definately cut out those annoying three putts and it will soon have you getting that handicap down.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this drill and have lot's of fun with it.

Keep on practising


Richard Smith is the founder of the The Big Golf Lesson http://www.biggolflesson.com. The website offers a FREE 14 part e mail course for golfers wishing to improve their golf game andlower their handicap


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