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Winning Tactics For Choosing A No Win No Fee Solicitor

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Every year, millions of people are injured or have accidents. Its human nature! One human injuring another by various means due to negligence! Within cars, on the streets, in the shopping mall, possibly anywhere and everywhere! And the first thing they do is look for a no win no fee solicitor.

Fortunately there is a huge number to choose from, but choosing the right one the first time round is a problem or should I say becomes a problem.

Fair enough, a solicitor has to do the job otherwise he doesn't get paid and so don't you.

So how many solicitor firms do you think there are?

Hundreds if not thousands...

Okay now let me rephrase the question, how many 'quality' solicitors are there?

... ... ??

Exactly, now that's where the problem lies, finding good, quality solicitors.

Search anywhere on the internet, Google, Yahoo, MSN? You will find thousands of pages listed with solicitor firms, but which one are you going to choose. Even take a look at claim management companies that handle compensation claims for solicitors. The number is exponential every year.

How many chances do you think you'll get to 'correctly' pursue with a personal injury claim?

Not 2, or maybe 3! One and ONLY one chance! You have one chance to get this right. If it's right 'perfect', otherwise you're going to be in a worse position than you originally started off with.

Look for what the no win no fee solicitor can do for you. Is he doing it for your best interest or is he just making money for his firm? Sounds stupid, but these are simple questions that will help you with your claim for compensation.

Is it a reputable firm?
What’s their service like?
What are their business/service ethics?
Do they have a code of practice in place?
What's their success rate?

A quality no win no fee solicitor should

provide you a professional, expert and approved service
provide a 0ne-on-one personalised service
provide you with a hassle free, peace of mind service
pay you money which are entitled to, by law
give you powerful advice on what steps to take
provide you everything in black & white, without misleading
not rest until you gain maximum compensation
keep you informed of actions taken, responding directly with you

Make no mistake about choosing a no win no fee solicitor. Ask as many questions as you like and when you give them a personal injury case, they work for you not the other way round. Now get out there and start... It's easy to claim compensation and gain maximum results without the fear, costs, confusion and risks. Learn the 12 revolutions of the new 100% Compensation no win no fee culture.


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