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Undiscovered Tactics Of An Injury Claim

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What is it they're selling? Is it insurance, electricity, gas, telecommunication services? Or is another company patrolling your area 'informing' people, they can claim injury for an accident, which wasn't their fault?

An insight in to the history of personal injury claims

It didn't exist a decade agoÖ well not to the likes of people being injured. You have an accident and nobody really cared besides the obvious family and friends. 'Take some medicine' or 'have some rest'. Even if you end up in hospital or the doctors surgery... 'just takes these and you'll be fit as a bear in a couple of weeks'. And that's it! Nothing dramatic ever happened.

Today's Generation

There's advertisements everywhere you turn, billboards, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. Someone knows someone who has a personal injury firm or a brother knows a mate, even 'my chick's brother has a firm'. So dramatic and competitive people fall for their tricks. Remember before, nobody's interested, but now theyíre your best friends. 'Don't worry, we'll sort it out'.

Now, If your mates firm messed up your case, what can you possibly do? Report him to his superiors? It's probably his partner's firm. Your brother-in-law has taken your case and now can't find the essential paper work. You'll ring the company and want to speak to the consultant who took on your claim? Is he/she still working there? You want an update, but all you get is 'we're stilling waiting for your medical report' or 'your file has been transferred to another department, I'll just find out?'

Complications after complications...

Remember in the early years, the slogan 'no win no fee'? 'If we lose you donít pay anything?' You sign a couple of pages and sorted, your injury claim is up and running. Brilliant.

Now after months have gone by, you hear nothing. 3 months later, you call to hear what status your claim has reached. 'Your file's up and running and you should be attending a medical specialist soon.'

6 months go by finally your medical arrives. 4 months later you receive a cheque of £400 and eyes the size of golf balls?! What the hell is going on???

Frustrated with the settlement cheque, you ring the company for questioning. They pull out your file and take you through the charges and how they reached a final settlement. 'But, you... 'Yes, it's all in black and white and you signed it!' But guess what, you're too late, and now you'll learn from that mistake...

Now For The New Trick...

100% Compensation! Yes, you get all of your compensation. Amazing, finally a dream come true...

What does it mean?

Once your claim is settled, you will receive the 'full' compensation money, without deductions. Now this is the clever bit... the specialist will payout 100% Compensation, but that does not mean the claim management company will not!

At the end of the claim, the management company (owned by your mates friend) will charge you a kick back after you have received your 100% Compensation. Effectively, you receive 100% Compensation, but once you received it, the claim management company will now take out their fees. Smart eh???

You still, by law, got 100% Compensation from the specialist. Which is what they claimed, however, the deductions kick in afterwards.

You've taken enough beating as it is. It's time to be smart! Beware of the 100% Compensation slogans flying around. How do you avoid them?

Ask! It's easy to be fooled into an injury claim. Make no mistake and get an approval first at http://www.100percent-compensation.co.uk


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