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Personal Injury - 12 NEW Methods!

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Advertisements just drive you crazy... one company says one thing and other one down the road saying another, but both effectively are trying to say the same thing. For an injured person, it gets confusing. Who to trust and turn to?

In hospitals, there will be organised and 'posh' literature on display by solicitor firms who have an exclusive 'contract' display for injured people organised with the hospital.

Fair enough, they have an exclusive stand, where over 80% of the injured people attend a hospital, which gives them a good exposure to marketing their services. It's plain simple advertising and other competitors can't do anything about it, even if they present a much better service.

Well it's never all that simple. People want plain and simple English in black and white, without the hassle, costs and other risks. Being able to understand what services a firm offers without the technical jargon. Anyway I could write a book on such a topic to separate what a solicitor is really 'trying' to say.

Personal injury has reached a new era, where the previous culture of large companies, not mentioning any names and many of the likes have finally sunk their luxury ships. If only they explained the technical jargon in black and white, they would have still been in business. Still would be getting enormous amount of personal injury claims. Their budget for advertising and marketing was phenomenal and they could have been around for centuries if they had actually helped people with their compensation, rather than their own pockets.

Anyway, the industry is shocked by their performance and people are still in 2 minds for making a claim for personal injury. So let's clear it with the new era.

So What Are The NEW Methods?

• Free Service

The company provides you with a free service to connect you with a 'specialist' in the UK. These are specialists in categories... A road traffic accident requires an RTA specialist and a trip, fall or slip requires a T/S specialist. They can't do the same thing.

• Free Phone

A free phone number is provided if you use the service offline. However 95% of injured like to use emails or an online assessment form to see if they are entitled.

• Free Assessment

When you have an accident or are injured, you want to know if you have a claim for compensation or not. Many people are confused or unsure about claiming for compensation and it prevents a lot of people from ever making a claim. Get a free assessment!

Whether it be a road traffic accident, accident at work, sports, trip or fall, medical negligence or even criminal injury, you need to know at least if you have a claim for compensation. Therefore if you are eligible for compensation, you need to make the first move.

Personal details are kept confidential and are never shared with anyone besides the specialists.

• Free Advice

I'm sure you don't want to pay if you don't have a claim for compensation. Once details are assessed you will be advised on the next necessary steps directly from a specialist. Remember each accident/injury case is unique, and each one requires specialist advice.

• No Costs

There is no costs for using the service and is based on a no win no fee agreement. Which basically means if the firm loses, you don't pay anything, if it wins, the fee is recovered from the 3rd party.

• No Jargon

If you can't understand or a person is not on your level, how long does the relationship last?

The same applies for personal injury. Until your case is settled, you will be in a binding relationship with a specialist. Now as for relationships…

If you don't get along with your spouse or partner, not implying you don't, how long is the relationship going to last?

A specialist forms a relationship and provides you simple English explanations, so that you understand.

• No Loans

The majority of Claim Management Companies take advantage of loan agreements.


When a loan is signed, interest is charged by the bank. What this basically means is that, at the end of the claim, an £XXX amount of interest is accrued (i.e. accumulated). A substantial amount is gathered depending on the duration of the claim and is deducted from the compensation. YOUR compensation!

Do you want to part with your money? No Loan agreements!

• No Interest

As there are no loan agreements, the interest option doesn't exist.

• No Catches

This is one of the main factors that go through your head when you claim for personal injury.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch… PERIOD!!!

• No Hassle

If you had an accident or are suffering an injury, you are physically and emotionally suffering from the aftermath. Now there is no reason for anyone to bombard you to claim for compensation. You don't want to be pressurised to claim as this would be hassling.

You don't have the energy to be hassled and a company shouldn't have the audacity to do it. It's your claim and it's your choice.

So DON'T claim with people who stop you on the street or knock on your door (canvassing) or even cold call you.

• No Deductions

Majority of Claim Management Companies deduct a management fee from the final compensation. How insulting is that?

"On the final settlement of your claim we shall deduct £200 - £500 from your compensation for handling your case"

There should be no financial interest in your claim as it's an insult if you give a 'cut'.

Think about it?

• 100% Compensation

Now this is the icing on the cake. 100% Compensation!
You get ALL your money. You suffered the pain, trauma, shock, injury etc, you didn't share it. So why should you share your compensation! It's a New ERA in personal injury claims. Eliminate the old culture and grasp 12 NEW methods for a successful solution.


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