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DNA Evidence - History and Status
When Gregor Mendel published his studies of inherited characteristics of pea plants in 1866, he probably didn't know he was starting a sequence of events that would end in the 1987 conviction of someone in the United States based on DNA evidence....
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Injured in a Bicycle Accident in Los Angeles?

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Have you, or someone you know, been injured in an accident involving a bicycle? Not sure what to do? Here's is a guide to some things that you should know when looking for bicycle accident lawyers Los Angeles.

If you or a family member was injured or killed in an accident involving a bicycle, you may be able to recover damages, with bicycle accident lawyers Los Angelos. Assuming the other party was at fault, you can bring a suit of negligence against them. Negligent parties can include automobile drivers, bus drivers, as well as bicycle manufacturers and the makers of bicycle parts. Other negligent partied can include the State and the City of Los Angeles, for not properly maintaining the roads, which can sometimes contribute to accidents. If you have recently had your bike repaired, the mechanic that conducted the work could also be implicated and found negligent. Likewise, private property owners can also be held negligent for improper upkeep of property, if it leads to an accident.

When deciding to sue someone for negligence leading to an accident, it is important to be aware of what your rights are as a cyclist. Bicycles in Los Angeles are considered vehicles and bicycle accidents are to be treated as vehicular accidents. The State of California has many law regarding cyclists, many pertaining to the use of alcohol and drugs and riding, which you will be held accountable for. So, remember, if you have infringed any laws pertaining to the use of alcohol or drugs, you may well be found to be at fault. In some cases, it is possible to be charged with DUI and you may jeopardise your driver's license.

Being involved in an accident on your bicycle can be a stressful and frightening experience. However, if you believe that the accident was the result of another's negligence, it is important to seek legal advice from bicycle accident lawyers Los Angeles. You may be entitled to damages.
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