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Outdoor Patio Furniture: Exploring the Benefits of Teak

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Of the many types of materials that are available for the construction of outdoor furniture, teak is often overlooked. This beautiful wood - of tropical origin - adds character and elegance to your outdoor design through a blending of nature and man-made elements which provide an outstanding aesthetic presentation to any yard.

Teak (technically known as tectona grandis) has been proven to be the best wood for use in the great outdoors. As a result of its high rubber content, this wood has a natural resistance to heat, water and frost without the benefit of any treatment or special coating.

Teak has a Natural Resistance to the Outdoors

In addition, its natural properties render it termite resistant due to the high content of oil that it possesses. The durability of teak is another benefit that makes it very popular with consumers, as well as the way in which it wears. Over time, weathering causes the teak to develop a silvery gray patina that heightens its beauty without compromising its integrity.

Though it may be higher in price than other types of construction, teak can be considered an investment, since its durability will provide you with many years of classic comfort and design.

Unique Abilities

Due to its unique ability prevent the build-up of rust and corrosion when brought into contact with metal, teak can be used in combination with a variety of metals to provide a stylish alternative to an all-wood appearance, while protecting the integrity of the entire structure through its unusual properties.

This is, in fact, one of the reasons that teak has been so popular since ancient times and has been utilized in the construction of ships. The bottom line is that, when teak is introduced into the scenario, the result is a strong product that doesn't suffer the downfalls of most pieces of furniture - and all within a pretty package.

Works Great All Year Round

Regardless of the season, teak furniture can safely be left outdoors without diminishing its durability or presentation, and is easy to care for with a bit of warm soapy water and a scrub brush. For those who prefer to use a pressure washer, be sure to keep the pressure low and use a flat jet for the best results. This should be done twice each year, in order to clean and preserve the teak.

Outdoor dining sets for porches and patios, chaise lounges, chairs, benches, tables and a variety of accessories can be used to design a comfortable, yet attractive, outdoor lawn grouping for everyday use or entertaining. Since teak furniture is available in a variety of styles - and is weather resistant - it's ideal for any type of climate, from the heat of the southwest to the ever-changing seasonal conditions of New England.

If You're Looking For Elegance

As a result of its natural properties, diversity and beauty, teak can be integrated into a wide variety of items today, and is a popular furniture choice for English Garden settings. Found in private homes, hotels, lodges, resorts and luxury watercraft, teak is synonymous with elegance and is one of the best furniture investments that a homeowner can make when furnishing the outdoor area of the home.

Outdoor Patio Furniture: Exploring the Benefits of Teak Mike has been involved with exterior landscaping for several years, having first got the bug when he landscaped his own back garden. Since then he's been helping people find and review the best value for money outdoor furniture, to meet your needs. Find out more at his site: Outdoor Garden Furniture Reviews


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