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There Is Always Something To Improve Or Innovate For Comfort
In this fast moving world of the 21st century, we are always forced to do everything in a rush, even eating and sleeping. The normal words of today are “hurry”, “rush”, “fast”, “quick” and “immediately.” In comparison with 20 years ago, today we...
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Maximizing Your Living Space

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Look to contemporary (modern) décor to maximize space. TORLYS Uniclic® Cork flooring, with its sensuous texture, can warm up a modern interior, preventing it from looking stark.

(NC)—Whether we live in a 2,800-square-foot, two-storey in the suburbs or an urban 900 square-foot condo, we all look to maximize our living space — if not physically, at least visually.

Space gives us a sense of freedom. It helps us relax and feel good about life! Space helps us stay organized and feel in control. It reduces our stress level.

But the reality is, few of us can afford the space we need for all of our work, kids, pets, and "stuff" that we collect through everyday living. Fortunately, with a little creativity and a few interior design tricks, we can at least create "visual" space. Here are three ways to do it:

Look to contemporary (modern) décor to maximize space. This clean and simple décor creates an open, airy feeling. It utilizes creative storage to give us a clutter-free environment.

Select a light monochromatic colour scheme. Contrasting or added colours can draw visual lines in a room, dividing it into small sections. Tones of one colour will create openness and flow.

Make the most of your flooring. Hard-surface flooring has a smooth texture. In a blonde or light-stain finish it can blend into your wall and disguise where the floor ends and the wall begins, increasing the sense of space.

Hardwood or laminate is a good choice. Make sure the planks are long and show off an extended flow of wood grain. Cork flooring has a multidirectional grain that is perfect for a small space when you want to avoid the lines created by wood flooring planks.

Linoleum is coming back — another multidirectional flooring option that is seamless when laid. The effect is smooth and flowing, once again creating visual space.

All of these flooring options are available as engineered "floating floors" that can be installed easily by homeowners, even in the basement or on a condo's cement floor. The best system is the Uniclic floor — a unique joint system. Planks and tiles simply click together without glue, nails or complicated strapping. I recently installed Uniclic® Cork floors from one of Canada's most innovative flooring companies, TORLYS (www.torlys.com), in my own home. They come with a 25-year warranty, and when it's time to redecorate, you can simply lift and reinstall the floor in another room!

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