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Light Up Your Life With Feng Shui
Feng Shui (pronounced Foong Shway or Fung Shoy) is the ancient Chinese art of luck management, which works by maximising the flow of energy (known as ‘Chi’) in your environment. Every object, inanimate or living, possesses its own energy field...
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Home Audit: Ensure Optimal Insulation Levels For Maximum Energy Savings

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(NC)—"Improving your home's insulating system is a speedy and cost-effective way to increase energy-efficiency and comfort in your home, reducing heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer," says John Peterson, Insulation Expert, Owens Corning.

Unsure whether your home needs more insulation? Use your powers of observation to decide. Your home lets you know with some tell-tale signs:

• After a snowfall, on a day when temperatures are well below freezing and the sun is not intense, go outside and

observe your roof. If you notice that the snow on top is melting quickly, you'll know heat is escaping from your home — a sure sign that you need to improve insulation.

• Look into your attic for more signs. Determine whether attic insulation is frost-stained or whether you feel warm drafts coming through the floor boards.

• If your attic was insulated a long time ago, there's a good chance that insulation is now inadequate. Measure thickness — if the insulation is less than R-40, 11" to 13" thick, add more.

If saving money is your goal, your first insulation project should be the attic where up to 45 per cent of your home's energy is lost. Owens Corning offers homeowners two insulation choices: PINK® Fiber Glass Insulation for Attics, or for homeowners who have a low-pitch roof, PROPINKTM Loosefill Fiber Glass Insulation can be blown into inaccessible areas by a qualified contractor.

For more information on your home's insulating system, call the Owens Corning answer center at 1-800-GET-PINK® or visit the website at www.owenscorning.com.

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