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Who else wants to know if they are heading for "Burn out" syndrome ?

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Are you feeling tired, fed-up or irritable? Have you lost interest
in work, hobbies or your partner/spouse?

If the answer is YES then you could be suffering from
" burn-out".

For years doctors have recognised that stress is the biggest
killer around. It causes - or makes worse - a staggering nine
out of ten illnesses. You see, a good day’s work never killed
anyone. A good day of worry has killed many.

The tight work deadline. The commute home through
traffic lasting up to two hours. The raise you had been
promised falls through and you are sinking up to your
eyes in debt.

Do you remember a film with Michael Douglas called
“Falling Down” ? An average guy quite literally falls
apart and goes beserk!

Stress doesn't just cause physical symptoms and diseases
such as asthma, eczema, heart disease, high blood pressure and
indigestion. Anxiety and panic disorders. The list could go
on and on.

If you suffer from these conditions have you ever wondered
that you could rid yourself of stress that your health might
also improve?

Stress - too much worry - can also cause a type of exhaustion
known as "burn-out". However this is more than just tiredness.

People who suffer from "burn-out" have lost their fight and
their will to go on. You struggle through each day.
Wondering why you do this with no clear idea of why!

Drug companies and patent medicine manufacturers sell millions
worth of medicines designed to help overcome these symptoms.

Go into your local pharmacy and you'll see row upon row of
bottles and packets full of medicines and tablets designed to
give you energy.

Many who complain of tiredness are suffering from a specific, genuine physical problem.And most of the rest have a social or psychological problem.

Medicines or tonics will merely treat symptoms. It won't
deal with the underlying problem. If you are for ever feeling tired
then you really should go and see your doctor and get a check up.

A simple examination and a blood tests may well provide an
answer. After looking at the results it might transpire that there is a reason for your tiredness or anxiety disorder. You might need extra iron in your diet or a supplement if you are a woman with heavy periods.

Meanwhile, here is a list of some of the commonest causes of tiredness with other symptoms and possible treatments.

1. Sleeplessness

We recharge our batteries when we're asleep. If you're not
sleeping properly then you're bound to feel tired.
Sleeping pills are only a temporary answer - if taken for more than a
couple of weeks they can cause sleeplessness !!
Get your doctor to find out why you aren't sleeping.

2. Poor eating habits

Your blood carries food and oxygen around your body. If your diet doesn't contain enough iron then you will feel lethergic. You can avoid this problem by eating a good, healthy diet.

3. Post-viral fatigue syndrome

After a viral infection - such as 'flu or hepatitis - many people feel tired and washed out. Some people stay washed out for months. They may be suffering from "post viral fatigue syndrome". This is especially common among men and women in their 20s and 30s. It causes mental and physical tiredness.

4. Hormonal problems

Two specific hormone problems cause tiredness - diabetes and an under-active thyroid gland. Diabetes runs in families.
Suspect thyroid problems if your other symptoms include: poor memory, hoarse voice, thin hair, muscle cramps, poor appetite, weight gain, constipation.
Consult Your doctor should you suspect either of these.

5. Too much work.

If you work too hard - and constantly push yourself to your limits - then you'll feel tired! The answer is obvious - you need to rest occasionally. And make sure that when you rest you really do rest. Try to get away completely every few months.

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