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What Causes Us To Age?
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Water Facts by W. C. (Bill) Wernet

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Water Facts

Water, even when “cleansed” of contaminants by purification methods, still retains the vibration memory left from these contaminants, and their unhealthy informational messages can then be passed along into living organisms such as your body. These unhealthy messages can induce stress in the body, as it must try to compensate and adapt to all such messages it receives. Chronic stress can led to conditions ripe for degeneration in the body.

Water that has been revitalized reduces the endless flood of low energy, negative information that inundates the body from typical water. The human body may be uniquely susceptible to memory informational capacity of water in view of the (37.5 C) (98.6 F) factor. Thus, water positively energized has the best potential at this temperature to spread its “good news” throughout the body. Conversely, negatively energized water can spread its “bad news” with unfortunate efficiency. (Felsh)

# Water is a carrier of information. As a solvent it is best-known conductor of vibration, with information transfer possible without direct contact. (Ciccolo)
# Water possesses the ability to store information that has been impressed upon it from a given vibration for long periods as can be measured by specific electromagnetic wavelengths found in water (Engler and Kokoschinegg, 1988)
# Even after harmful physical substances are removed, their negative energy vibration patterns or “signatures” still remain which can be traced back precisely to the original substances. (Ludwig) (Beneviste, in “Natur-Wissen”)
# Water can transfer such information from vibration patterns, or “memory” to other systems, including living organisms. (Ludwig) (Felsch)
# Water revitalization allows water in a higher vibration state to transfer or share its higher frequencies, which acts to balance out low energy and negative information. (Ciccolo)
# Water can retain the vibration memory of a substance even after it is diluted beyond Avogadro’s number, where no physical traces of the substances remain. (Beneviste)
# Water quality can also be evaluated by the amount of ultra-violet light it absorbs. Poor quality will absorb higher amounts of UV light, while good quality water absorbs low amounts. (Ludwig)
# Water, the minimum specific warmth and the maximum structural potential of water is measured at (37.5C) or the normal human body temperature (98.6 F). This finding indicates that water at this temperature is at a maximal structure point to acquire a large amount of information. (Felsch) (Engler and Kokoschinegg, 1988

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ISBN # 0-446-35847-9 Visit http://hsfenergy.com to learn more about our PX Essential Energel products. Take some time to listen to our two audio interviews with Dr. Carl Baugh and Manfred Bauer.


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