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The Art of Foreplay

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You probably know that most women find foreplay a very important part of sex. What you may not know is that a study in 1976 found that when it came to foreplay most women liked the same thing. What I'm about to tell you is based on that study and my own experience. It is what the study found most women liked and when during foreplay they liked it.


Start by just holding your lover close and pressing her body against yours. As an aside a lot of women get turned on by their lover smelling their neck and shoulders.


While still holding her close start stroking her back. If she's not already, lie her down on a bed or sofa. Move your hand up and down the side of her body, exploring the curve of her hip. At this stage you may like to let your hand "slip" down to her buttocks, just to tease her.


Now kiss her. It's important when kissing to start slowly, so no tongue, just a soft pressing of lips. Gently suck her lower lip and push your tongue out just a bit, subtly coaching her to open her mouth. Then as her mouth opens push your tongue in further and press your lips harder against hers.

Of course not every woman likes to be kissed in the same way, but the above is what I've found works best.

From her mouth move to her neck and other parts of her body.

If you haven't already now is the time to take off her top.

Breast fondling

By now your lover should be quite turned on. Place a hand on her breast and softly caress it. At the same time use your thumb to feel how hard her nipple is. Usually at this stage she'll want her bra to be taken off so that she can really feel your hand. So reach around her back and undo her bra clip (that is if she hasn't already).

Take a moment to just admire her body. Tell her how beautiful she looks and how much she's turning you on. Then take her nipple into your mouth and caress her other breast with your hand.

Genital touching

Time to start paying her vulva some attention. Move your mouth from her breast and softly kiss down her tummy to her waist. If she's wearing jeans undo and unzip them, and either let her take them off or take them off for her. Same thing if she's wearing a skirt. Move back up her body and kiss her again, deeply, and at the same time place your hand between her legs, over her panties, and gently rub her. While still kissing her move her panties to the side and very lightly touch her vulva with your fingers.


What happens next just depends. If you like you could go down on her. By the way, some women find it more of a turn on to give oral sex than receive.

At this stage she may want to take control. She may start grinding her hips against you as a signal she wants you, or she may start touching your crotch.

One important thing to remember is that sexual excitement follows a pattern of gradual increase in physical and emotional sensitivity - in other words, start slow and increase the stimulation as arousal mounts.

Here are some other ideas you may like to incorporate into your foreplay routine:

Dry sex.
Erotic literature.
Talking sexy.
Using whipped cream.
Teasing - make out that you're going to do something but stop just before you do it. Done right, this can drive some women crazy with lust.

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