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Stress - The Silent Killer

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Stress has gotten a bad rap lately. It's difficult to
watch TV, or read the paper without being exposed to
society's perception of stress, which is negative. Stress
has been blamed for health issues ranging from asthma to
heart disease.

Realistically, stress is a "good" thing, and like anything
else, the human body can only be exposed to it in
moderation. Certain types of stress can be inspiring and
can motivate people. It can create new opportunities for
learning. Actually, creating a new outcome, just like in
nature. For example, it's the stress of heat, pressure, and
time which turns coal into a diamond.

The hustle and bustle of an environment affects chemicals
in our bodies, which help us to rise to the occasion, and
help us by becoming more effective and productive. The
challenge arises when the "hustle and bustle" becomes a way
of life. When our body is exposed to these chemicals
constantly over a period of time, our physical structure
can actually become harmed, ultimately affecting both our
physical, emotional and mental health. Having pressure in
your life will not kill you. The problem is when there is no
time allowed for relaxing, and getting away from a stressful

The answer is learning to take time-out to care for
yourself. Taking a break from life's constant pressures can
help you to be happier, healthier and endly, more

Eliminate all should's, and have to's from your life. That
may seem impossible and yet, examining everything on your
"To Do List" and really evaluating what is it that you will
have...if you do this particular thing. If your energy does
not shift upward when imagining the outcome, cross it off.
If the reason for doing it, is to avoid some "negative
outcome", re-examine the things to which you are

In other words, the most important question you can ask
yourself to destress your life is, "Does this activity
really serve and/ or support me to BE happy?" And then,
check in with your feelings.

Another great, evaluating question is, "What is really
important at this moment?" And look at your desires. In
other words, what is it that you want to have (happen), as a
result of taking this action?

One more example of relieving pressure is, instead of
allowing others to dictate how you spend your time, practice
making your own decisions and actually, designing your day.
Taking these new actions, step by step and one day at a
time, you will create a new life. The author, Heather Quetzel is the webmaster of QYX Health a resource for Health information.


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