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I believe every one should have knowledge
of this product.

Exhaustive research regarding the benefits of Xanthone-rich
Mangosteen has been conducted and reported in some of the world's most influential scientific journals
Rarely has a fruit that has been so unknown to the common man of the Western World been so studied, examined, researched, and scrutinized by science than the remarkable Mangosteen.Study after study, research paper after research paper all extol the extraordinary benefits of the Mangosteen and its rich supply of antioxidant xanthones.

The body's immune and other systems produce homemade antioxidants and some vitamins, such as E and C. But there exist other antioxidants even more potent than vitamins, and these powerful protective substances are only found in certain plants.One such class of substances called Xanthones has recently been identified by scientists in a rain forest plant...the Mangosteen.

The secondary research has unearthed over forty scientific papers in which biochemicall active components of the Mangosteen have been rigorously examined in the laboratory...It is already evident that the multiple health benefits of the fruit are supported scientific investigation.

Exhaustive research regarding the benefits of xanthone-rich Mangosteen has been conducted and reported in some of the world's influential scientific journals.

The only product available that carries all of the power and benefits of the whole Mangosteen fruit, delivered in a natural delicious form, is produced by a multi million dollar company with an international patent.

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From Dr. James Duke, perhaps America's foremost
ethno botanist. Retired in 1995. He worked for
the USDA and University of Maryland.

Prolific writer and created a phytochemical and
ethno botanical database. Mangosteen is listed
with 138 separate benefits. The following are
the major benefits:

Anti-tumor and cancer prevention
Anti-lipidemic - blood fat lowering, LDL
Anti-inflammatory - prevents inflammation
Anti-ulcer - prevents both stomach, mouth,
and bowel ulcers
Anti-obesity - helps with weight loss
Anti-atherosclerotic - prevents hardening
of the arteries
Anti-fungal - prevents or modulates
fungal infections
Anti-Alzheimer's - helps prevent dementia
Anti-arthritic - prevention of arthritis
Anti-osteoporosis - helps prevent the
loss of bone mass
Anti-periodontic - reduces/prevents inflammation
and infection of gums
Anti-seborrhic - prevents seborrhea (skin
disease that causes dandruff)
Anti-calcultic - prevents kidney stones
Anti-pyretic - fever lowering
Anti-neuralgic - reduces nerve pain
(i.e. diabetic neuropathy of the feet, hands)
Anti-vertigo - prevents dizziness
Anti-glaucomic - prevents glaucoma
Anti-cataract - prevents cataracts
Hypotensive - blood pressure lowering
Immunostimulant - multiple categories cited
Cardioprotective - protects the heart
Analgesic - prevents pain

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