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Look out! How Antibiotics Might Be Making You Fat! And how you can lose the fat!

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Does this situation sound familiar to you? 'Mary,' a customer in the health food store where I work, had a dilemma. Mary was a little chubby.

But she craved starches and sweets. She had tried to lose weight before, but you know how that story goes – she was losing the battle.

I asked her if she had ever taken antibiotics. Of course the answer was yes, because frankly, who hasn’t? I told her struggles weren’t her fault. I told Mary that her cravings might be coming from excess yeast in her body.

That’s why I suggested to her that she get a bottle of caprylic acid, which she did. In a little bit I’ll tell you why I recommended caprylic acid – an inexpensive fatty acid.

But first, here’s the climax to our little story. Mary came back three weeks later and spent about 10 or 15 minutes thanking us profusely. Her cravings for sweets and starches had evaporated.

When she went to the grocery store, the bad foods that had previously magnetized her taste buds and 'forced' her to put the fattening foods into her mouth no longer had any attraction to her!

She said that when she was at work, she did buy a Coke out of habit. But when she took two sips, she decided she didn't want it! This was NEW behavior for her!

No one counseled her. I hadn’t given her a pep talk. And she didn't have to listen to a motivational tape.

She simply lost her cravings for sweets and starches!

How is it possible to lose weight and keep it off if we crave the stuff that pads our tummy, hips and thighs? Sure, we can lose weight short term. We might even be able to drop 50 pounds or more.

But our old cravings never really leave. So sooner or later our cravings win out. And we put the pounds right back on.

Here is what I think happens. At some point in our life, we are given an antibiotic (or maybe steroids). Probably we’ve gotten antibiotics several times. Antibiotics kill the all-important friendly bacteria in our digestive tract.

Well, here is a little known secret: yeast and our friendly bacteria compete for the same space in our digestive tracts. So when the good bacteria gets killed by the so-called ‘wonder drugs,’ the yeast spreads, because antibiotics don’t kill yeast.

And then, the yeast sprouts roots that burrow into our intestinal walls. Once that happens, the yeast is not leaving. Well, guess what yeast needs to live – sugar! And guess what our brain needs to live – yup, it’s sugar!

When we have excess yeast, it eats up a lot of the sugar our brain needs. So our brain tells us, “Hey, I’m dying up here! Get me some sugar – now!”

And it walks us to the refrigerator, or to the store if need be, to get our brain some more sugar. (If it weren't for yeast overgrowth, there might not be any convenience stores or Krispy Kremes. LOL)

Of course, we don’t grab a spoon and dig into the sugar bowl. No, we eat something with lots of extra calories to get the sugar our brain needs.

It’s all really quite simple, if you think about it. Still, psychologically we might not want to believe it. Don’t we practically beg the doctor for antibiotics?

But who knew? No one said antibiotics could make our belly spill over our belts and waist bands.

By the way, antibiotics don't just come from your doctor's prescriptions. Our food probably has small amounts in them since antibiotics are fed to livestock.

Do antibiotics make us fat? How ridiculous is that! No medical journal is saying that. No famous diet guru is saying it either. Which just might make this idea a Huge Health Secret.

But before you dismiss this 'crackpot' theory of mine, remember Mary. Something made her desire for sugar-laden foods to go away. I didn’t hypnotize her.

It was simple – her excess yeast died. The caprylic acid smothered it. I knew it would work because reducing the yeast load had already worked for me.

Depending on where you shop, you can get your hands on some caprylic acid for under $10. An inexpensive herb called “pau d’arco” also kills yeast.

Who knows, maybe because everyone has gotten antibiotics, those drugs might be responsible for more obesity than any other single factor. Maybe more than lack of exercise. (There are 'tons' of people who exercise like crazy but remain fat because they are still hooked on soft drinks, sugar and carbs.)

When our brain cells are close to dying, we eat a cookie - or five cookies - or something else that helps to make us chubby or tubby. Things like chips, and pasta provide us with sugar, too, with the excess being turned into bad fats by our liver, including bad cholesterol.

That's why I suggested to the woman to take caprylic acid. It smothers yeast.

You might want to try it for yourself. Go to a health food store and get a bottle of caprylic acid or some pau d'arco. Get your yeast under control.

And then watch your sweet and starch cravings diminish - or even go away! Let me know your results.

Kelley Eidem is the author of "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer" and the eBook "It's Not Just For Sex!: How 5-cent capsules and the Nobel Prize can reverse your impotence and prevent strokes." http://www.itsnotjustforsex.com FREE "Huge Health Secrets" Newsletter. Visit http://www.itsnotjustforsex.com Do you have SINUS PROBLEMS? Visit http://user10491.websitewizard.com/ModShow/ShowPage/97362/


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