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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Infertility
Although health and healing are the common goals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and allopathic medicine, their ideas on the etiology of disease, disease itself and the process used to regain health are decidedly different. The allopathic...
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How Five Years of Infertility Ended in Three Weeks for $6.99

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The following true story starts out with a snobby old lady.

She entered the health food store looking like an old-fashioned, private-school teacher. She wasnít interested in talking to the younger employee, and was barely interested in the the older one, either. A least at first.

But she finally called the older woman over and asked for "muira puama." Linda, always helpful and reserved herself, took the elderly woman to the herbal extract. It was then that prim and proper woman shocked Linda when she whispered, "This product gives you the best orgasms!"

A week later, after Linda told me the story, I was talking with a customer who revealed that she and her husband had been trying to get her pregnant for five years with no success. So I took a chance and told her the "muira puama" story.

The beautiful young lady was fascinated. Her eyes lit up and darted while she mulled over buying some muira puama for herself. She was definitely intrigued. After two or three minutes of asking herself out loud whether she ought to buy it, she said "What the heck!" and scooted over to the back of the store and picked up the herbal extract.

I didnít see her again for six weeks. She glided into the store with a sly grin. I greeted her, not immediately thinking about the muira pauma, etc.

She paused and answered with a big, big smile, "Iím pregnant!" I didnít ask her how her orgasm was. In a way, I think she was still having one because she was so happy.

Muira pauma helps to improve female lubrication. That improvement can improve both orgasms and fertility. Muira puama is used in South America to improve sex, fatigue and to relieve PMS, as well as other conditions. In studies, it has improved desire and the intensity of orgasms for women.

If you decide to try it, get muira pauma in the liquid extract form. By the way, if it works for you, you can thank the snobby woman! And me!

Together we can solve the nationís health care crisis -- one person at a time!
Kelley Eidem is the author of "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer" and the eBook "It's Not Just For Sex!" http://www.itsnotjustforsex.com He also authors the Huge Health Secrets Newsletter. Visit http://www.itsnotjustforsex.com


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