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Heart Health: Familiarizing Yourself with Oral Chelation

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Oral Chelation (pronounced “key lay shun”) is simply the process by which metals, minerals and toxins are removed from the body through the use of certain agents (chelating agents) that bond with those elements – literally forming a circle around them – and flushing them out through the body’s natural waste material. One of the toxins which the chelating agents identify for removal is arterial plaque. By removing this, you can avoid build-up of plaque within the arteries and promote greater heart health.

EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid) is one of the most effective chelating agents in use today. The synthetic amino acids which make up EDTA provide the foundation on which protein is built and was first utilized in the U.S. in 1948. Designed as a treatment for those who were working in a battery factory as a treatment for lead poisoning – which was approved by the FDA – the Navy soon followed in its use of this chelating agent for sailors who absorbed lead while applying paint to ships and other government property.

In 1952, oral chelation was being used by doctors for those patients who were suffering from hardening of the arteries as a result of arterial plaque build-up. Those for whom oral chelation was prescribed exhibited a reduction in both of the areas.

Had it not been for using EDTA to treat lead poisoning at that time, physicians wouldn’t have had the opportunity to note this effect on their patients, and the impact that it had on these illnesses might never have been discovered.

While most people may think that the exposure to lead contaminants has been all but eliminated today, it has actually increased over the years and continues to be an ever-present threat in items such as tap water, residues in processed foods, cosmetics, mouthwash, toothpaste, shampoo, soap and a wide variety of hair care products.

In addition to marketable products, certain professions also provide exposure to lead contaminants. Among these are potters, battery makers, lab workers, welders, engravers, medical professionals and hairdressers, to name a few.

With so much emphasis being placed on good heart health today, oral chelation has become a real necessity for regular health maintenance. Even if you’re not among those who are in one of the high-risk professions, you’re still exposed to harmful contaminants on a regular basis and should consider this as an agent for reducing arterial plaque.

Since lead and other toxic threats can be the catalyst for physical and mental illnesses, EDTA should be integrated into your health program in order to rid the body of those agents which are already present, as well as to avoid any build-up in the future.

EDTA can be purchased online and in a variety of health stores or alternative medicine sections of some supermarkets and specialty shops. Those with a history of heart ailments, diabetes and other significant illnesses in their history should consult with their physician before attempting to use EDTA. Though everyone can benefit from the removal of toxins from their body, your physician will be able to tell you whether or not it will interrupt the effectiveness of any medications that you may currently be taking.

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