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Graphology for Sex / Graphology and Sex

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First of all Thanks for coming this to page. Our sexual drive has effect on our personality & impacts our personal- social -professional- Social Success & development ratio. Before marriage or before experimenting the sex every person thinks about his / her stamina and how long he can sustain the inner drive. Person is also confused on whether his / partner can satisfy sexually or not.

Graphology can help you to solve this all. Relationship can't be fruitful without the sound psychosexual relation between partner.

Following exclusive things can be revealed by graphology.

1: Who is the person who definitely wants to stay away form the spouse ?

2: Which wife fights with her husband, when they are having food ?

3: who is the person serving opposite sex physically, financially & socially ?

4: Who is unable to give physical satisfaction to opposite sex ?

5: How strongly is the person active in sex?

6: Extra love and affection for romance

7: Extra love and affection with harsh, rough, cruelty choices for romance.

8: Willing & supporting to opposite sex for being stronger.

9: Wants romance but not ready to take risk for it, Wants romance but preference giving to duties & responsibilities.

10: Not happy with partner, Restricting himself from romance

11: Has no patience for romance

12: Early orgasm & problems in reproductive system

13: Sex drive sustainability & the way he performs sex.

14: Imagination & time spends on sexual topics.

These are the key things & other many things can be revealed by graphology related to life-partner & sex.

By graphology it is possible to improve the inner drive & to eliminate the problems regarding sex or regarding reproductive system but age & timeframe a very important factor here. This is the magic of graphology that neither you have to make any tests nor to perform attempts, all happens just with your handwriting. It is better to know the sexual elements of your partner.

You can help us for our research on sexual impotence /sex related problems of human beings for free of cost.

Visit site http://www.brendynamics.com/gr or email me ng411002@rediffmail.com.

By Nilesh Gore


Name : NIlesh B Gore

Profession : Graphologist(Hndwriting Analyst) & SW. Eng.

Email : ng411002@rediffmail.com

Web : http://www.brendynamics.com/gr/gssm.htm

Country : India, Ms

Copyrights : © Nilesh B Gore.


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