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A Simple Technique to Remember Grocery Items

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Whoops! I Forgot the ... at the Grocery Store!

Have you ever left the grocery store and said, "Whoops, I forgot one recipe ingredient"? Or, "Whoops, I forgot to use my coupon"? Or even while in the store, "Whoops, I passed that aisle, and now I have to go back"?

Here's a simple technique to help. Use an aisle-by-aisle grocery list. Include coupon reminders on your list.

You could make an aisle-by-aisle template for your store, and then write the items in the proper aisle. Another way is to write down the items in groups, by category. This requires some thought and discipline ahead of time. Most people just jot down the items in the order that they think of them, and they end up with a randomly ordered list.

Alternatively, you could use computer software. Then you can simply select the items and let the computer figure out the aisles. Of course, you'd first have to enter the aisle information into the computer so that it knows what to work with.

One shopper's experience with aisle-by-aisle shopping follows:

Before using the program my shopping took forever. I would have a list created by the "what do I need" method. Things were jotted down as I thought of them so my lists were a mess. I would need to go back and forth through the store checking off items willy-nilly. This would take forever, making me stay in the store for 2-3 hours each time. I would often forget items and have to return to the store hours later.

Now I can shop aisle by aisle and rarely forget to pick items. I can keep track of coupons and make sure that I get the discounts that I am entitled to. I have tried different methods of shopping but the Aisle-by-Aisle program has made my shopping easier. I can use my time more efficiently and I am able to have more free time with my family due to quicker shopping.!!!!

Allen Beechick is a computer programmer. Visit http://www.aislebyaisle.com for recommended computer software.


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